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Thread: GDG - Yote setup...

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    A 243 is a flat shooting bullet and is a bit more versatile than some of the lighter bullets
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    Them lizard supposedly stand upright...... On two legs!

    they still got them little arms though so ya don't need a performance bullet,, ya kin get real close
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    For the money I would go with a Savage with the AccueTrigger in .223 or 22-250. For the fun an AR-15 with a good barrel and trigger.

    No one has mentioned that the glass on top of the rifle is at least half of the equation. IF I had the money, Night Force optics would be on ALL of my rifles. As it stands, I am running Leuoplod and Nikons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FOM View Post
    I WANT A NEW TOY, I do not want to use my 30-06 - its my big game rifle! Come on, I'm trying to "justify" a new toy for the collection....some women collect shoes and purses....I like my firearms! I can NEVER have too many firearms! If the zombie apocalypse happens I'll be well prepared, too!!

    Lonnie - your method doesn't sound like much fun to me...might as well throw a dead duck at the flyer station, shoot at it and call it a live flyer I prefer the "fair" chase least the yotes have a 0.001% of not getting bagged and tagged if I'm pulling the trigger.
    Then look for a Remington Model 7 or Model 700 in 6mm mag (.243 on steroids). You should be able to find a nice used one at a good price. Fitted with a Leupold VXIII 3x9 its an awesome varmint rifle in that cal. & great accuracy (ballistic tips for varmints are deadly in this cal.). Very nice for antelope too, even whitetail doe neck shots with the right ammo. Doesn't beat you up like that 30.06. You'll love it.
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    DPMS AR-15 Sweet 16 Stainless Bull Barrel 223 50grn V-Max. With a 4.5x14x42 Burris scope works great for me. Everyone in our area that hunt the tournaments driving them or calling them uses a DPMS of some sort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leemac View Post
    For the money I would go with a Savage with the AccueTrigger in .223 or 22-250....
    If I didn't have a Sako .223, A Savage 11 with Accu Stock and Accu trigger, regular wt bbl is what I'd get. (but you might consider a heavy bbl if you won't be carrying it much). I have a Savage 111 in .25-06 (target attached. Bushnell Elite scope.) That's a little heavy for Coyotes, but the recoil is way less than a .30-06. I haven't had good luck with .22 accelerators in my .30-06, but it's a light bbl. (5 in/100yd groups, and shoots 150-220's 1.25in/100 yd groups.) Savage makes a "youth model" and a "Lady Hunter" model that might fit you better.
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    [QUOTE=FOM;1156429]I WANT A NEW TOY, I do not want to use my 30-06 - its my big game rifle!

    Lainee, I have an H & R 17 Ultra Wildcat with 3x9 scope (fast as he!!) and a Ruger M77 22-250 again with 3x9 scope, welcome to use either one or both. Or if really dare to, can invite Gooser and I to help shoot dem varmits and drink scotch. Oh heck just go down to the gun store and get ya big bull barreled varmint rifle, anything you likes.

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    Right here:

    Stick some of that Night Force Glass Like this:

    Then a quick trip to have a gunsmith fit it to you. Wallah varmits beware!!!!

    Buy the best and cry once regards

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    If you want to spend I would buy an AR, provided it was legal to hunt with. Otherwise, you just can't beat a heavy barrel Savage with the accu-trigger, for the money.

    I would probably go 223 just for cost reasons although 243 would be a wicked alternative.
    Darrin Greene

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    I find this all very disturbing. They do look like dogs you know. In Valley View Tx, on the road to Judy Aycock's property, one ranch owner used to hang them by the feet along his fence to purposely bug the dog people.

    When I was living on a farm in Sheboygan, WI, the coyote hunters were out looking for a "big red" coyote someone spotted on the hill... "What the H##LLL, that's no coyote! That's my dog, Kirby!" Poor Kirby! I told them to call off the dogs....

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