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Thread: Rescue Dog Retriever

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    Default Rescue Dog Retriever

    Figured I would start this thread as a way to document my training of a rescued BLM, Maverick an 11 month old Lab.
    Here's my story: I got a YLF (Ruby) about 4 years ago and trained her to hunt ducks, it was my first time training and I made some mistakes but overall she turned out to be a great dog. I'm in the Air Force and I ended up deploying, so Ruby had to go live with my parents for 4 months. While deployed, my step-father passed away, and my mom has grown extremely attached to Ruby. When I go home she gets to hunt but beyond that she's now more of a house dog and companion for my mom.
    When I got back from deployment I decided I would be a foster parent for the Las Vegas Lab Rescue. I've fostered about 10 dogs and only 2 have really impressed me with their attitude, temperament, and drive to retrieve and please their owner. Maverick is one of those dogs.
    I picked him up at the Sevier Valley Animal Shelter in Utah about 2 weeks ago. He went to the vet and was out of there by Friday night. Saturday I took a huge risk and hunted quail with him, a buddy and his dog. Maverick did great! he did well off lead, was good with the other dog, and was not gun shy (this was my biggest concern). I don't know if it was dumb luck or if he's had previous experience, but on the way back to the truck he flushed 5 quail. Over the last 2 weeks we have worked on sit, down, heel, and kennel. He is picking up well on these commands and I think he has a bright future. One mistake I made with my previous lab Ruby was I feel like I rushed the training. This time I'm planning on taking my time and not rushing into things.
    The goal of this thread is to show folks what rescue dogs are made of and also so the RTF community can see what Maverick is doing and let you all tell me how I can do better/handle specific challenges.
    Hopefully I can keep this up to date on a weekly basis at a minimum. Thanks for the help in advance and I hope you enjoy the thread.
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    He is really cute! I think it is great you volunteer at the rescue and even better that you are giving this guy a home he deserves. Enjoy your training and hunting season with him!

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    Wow , I figured you got deployed...First of all Thank You Very Much for your service to our country...

    Sorry to hear about you step dad

    Sounds like you and the dogs had a great time.....Welcome Home...lets go shoot some ducks
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    Another rescue dog owner here, Congrats on your new addition, looks like you have a nice dog. Thanks for your service as well
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    You don't need to sell me on rescues. My oldest dog, who was a rescue, has a SH title and a dog I picked up from the shelter about a year ago is now hunting ducks and pheasants very successfully. Some pretty nice dogs have come through the system.
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    Awesome, I know a fellow with a rescue Boykin that got his first started pass this past weekend! Cool stuff!

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    Congratulations and thank you. For your service first and foremost............and for taking in a rescue. I look forward to reading your and Maverick's story.

    My rescue dog, now gone, ended up being one of those once-in-a-lifetime dogs that I'll never forget, and who taught me more than any book, seminar or video ever could. Maybe I 'rescued' him but he was truly one of my life's greatest gifts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce MacPherson View Post
    You don't need to sell me on rescues. My oldest dog, who was a rescue, has a SH title and a dog
    Yup. My BLF is a stray. She's never not been able to get her ear scratched.
    Stray labs make great pets.
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    Congrats on the great journey... but thank you for all you do! We will be watching your success!
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    My hat is off to ya for the rescue

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