Favorite Stories from Hunting with your dog!
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Thread: Favorite Stories from Hunting with your dog!

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    Default Favorite Stories from Hunting with your dog!

    After reading another post it got me thinking about how enjoyable it is to have a good dog with you when hunting and all the memories made while doing so. If you please, take this as a chance to reflect and share some stories of your favorite dogs or favorite dog moments while hunting.

    I'll start with 2 of my favorites from the season so far.

    #1 Hunting opening weekend of Teal with my Dad and a few friends over a cut rice field. We had a flight of 10-15 come in and dropped 4 or 5. I sent the dog to pick them up and she did fine with that. On the way in she slowed down with a bird in her mouth and just stood there and kind of walked around, I tooted her in and she sat back down waiting on the next volley. She was persistent about that spot with a little whining and wouldn't take her eyes off of it while we were sitting and waiting on more birds. Finally I gave in and sent her back to the area to see what she wanted. She dug around face first under water/mud for a solid 5 minutes with pretty much just her hindquarter and tail sticking up, coming up briefly just for air. After a show of this my Dad who's a softy when it comes to pups was begging for me to bring her in, I told him no, "I've seen this movie before". After another few minutes the friends hunting with us were starting to agree with my Dad. At about that time my girl pops up out the water with a mud covered teal that was about as alive as they get without flying! My dad nodded with approval and said, "Yep, that dog will hunt."

    #2 Hunting the same pond. I brought my boss and a customer to come hunt with me after work for a quick evening hunt. We had a flight come in and my boss clipped a bird that glided behind us about 175yds into a cane pile. The 175yds to the cane pile was through high rice, up a levee and over a farm road. The boss and the customer said we can just look for it on the way out. I said nah, I'll give it a try. I sent her on the blind and within a few whistles she picked it up like she had done it time and time before! We were all impressed and I was proud to say the least!

    We had a subpar teal season this year, but with the help of a dog(not always mine) we ended up salvaging the season and recovering nearly every bird. Now for big ducks and geese!
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    My very first dog I had just graduated high school and starting college I wanted a hunting dog! Found one in the quick quarter and ole Moose soon became my best friend slept inside with me and went everywhere. I didn’t have the time to train him nor did I know what the hell I was doing. I taught him to sit and heel to the smallest degree but far from today’s standard and I thought I had something. I never bought a single bumper to even throw for him to give you an idea. But I had one advantage I hunted around 3 days week and every weekend of college. I brought my best friend with me every time. After 5 years of hunting with me he started to understand his job in the duck bind. He was pretty dependable if he saw a splash or head a gunshot… kept a bag of rocks in my duck bag for the ones he didn’t see haha. He broke every time! Thought he could catch them in the air… Also if he was not on a leash he was gone ran away several times to show up a few days later back at the house. But one thing he did have was an outstanding nose. Because that’s pretty much all he would use. Well enough with the back ground you get the idea. One of my hunting buddies purchased a very nice finished dog and wanted to bring him one morning. So he brought his dog and I brought ole moose. I tied moose up in the blind and let my buddy work his dog for the hunt I was quite embarrassed of moose next to this highly trained machine. It was a very nice dog and quite impressive. Although at the end of the hunt we had shot flock of mallards that came in a couple landed in the pound and one big drake sailed off into the marsh grass. We marked it for it fell down just to the left of the boat trail. That bird finished up our limit so we packed up and headed out, stopping to pick it up on the way out. We pulled the boat up to spot and my buddy got excited to show us how his dog could line a blind from the front deck of the boat. Meanwhile ole moose was tied in the back of the boat going crazy. The bird went down on the left and for some reason moose was going crazy on the right side of the boat. He embarrassed me a lot! Well my buddy lines his dog and sends it on back. It takes off in a strait line. Stopping on every whistle and moving like a robot to his signals. I was dumbfounded and very embarrassed ole moose was still going crazy on the opposite side of the boat. Well before you know it I heard a snap… the leash broke and moose was out the boat full blast in the opposite direction. There was no way in hell I was calling him back. Very embarrassed and unsure of what to do my friends reminded me of how untrained my dog was. Well ole moose ran out of sight and I couldn’t hear him anymore, meanwhile my buddy had searched every square inch of the marsh on the left side of the boat with his finished dog without finding the bird. So we called it a day with one bird away from the limit. Only problem is moose is officially ran away… after some time and riding around I honestly thought I had lost him. I decided to go drop all my buddies off at the truck and come back to look for him. We are pulling up to the truck and ole moose is in his kennel facing the back of the kennel Tail going 90 to nothing with a fully live mallard drake cornered in the back of his kennel! There was nothing to do but laugh and smile.. ole moose was down wind of that mallard in the boat and apparently tracked him down and headed to the truck. That is a story I will take to the grave! P.S. Sorry for the long story
    Drew Allain

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    ^^^ That is a great story. I was pulling for ol moose.

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    In the first 3 stories (2 posts) we've got 2 stories of dogs who knew better than we did. I think we've all been there!
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