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Thread: **Tragic Loss** Help Requested

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    Default **Tragic Loss** Help Requested

    Hello all,
    Chris Moriarty here, you all helped me out a few years ago with my labs.
    I have not been on this website in awhile, as I have been busy with a new job, and such.
    A close friend had a fire at their home, and kennel last weekend. They lost client’s dogs, and the whole home and everything. Here is a brief exerpt of the story:
    All, I am asking for your help. A really great friend of mine (and Boo's trainer) Bruce Shaffer from Almost Heaven GSPs lost his home yesterday in West Virginia to a devastating fire. Thankfully his wife and two young daughters are safe but they lost 20+ dogs (mostly GSP's) Some of those dogs were his and some were client dogs. To say this fire is devastating is a severe understatement not only for the loss of the dogs but for Bruce's family losing everything they own. I am asking if you can help please donate to his family at the link below. This is one of those instances that us as a dog community / hunting dog community need to pull together. Please donate if you can.
    I couldn't imagine being in their shoes and would be eternally grateful for anyone's help.
    You all put me in touch with John Weller years ago, and I have been facebook friends with him since. What a great guy. He suggested I post this on RTF. Granted it is a GSP kennel, but a dog lover and a family is in need.

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    Cannot post URL's.....UGGGHH, my old login name was NAVYBOWHUNTER, wish we could merge the accounts. I switched to GMAIL, and forget the Hotmail one.

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    Hopefully this counts as post 3

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    Post four, I hope.

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    OK, after this one I will post the hyperlinks. Apologize, and this is not SPAM.

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    Anything you can give would be appreciated. Here is the link: http://pitchinbox.com/widget/widget.swf?id=5866260037
    Please SHARE.
    For those on Facebook, they have created a page:

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    OK, here is a website that will tell the story better. Apologize for the above posts......Please do what you can: http://www.shafferfamilyfirefund.com/

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    The pitch in site would not show the entire story.. but it was east to send $. Looks like they are getting some help.. Lots of small donations make a big difference
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    Bennett, Colorado

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    OMG how horrible!!
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    I became aware of this very tragic event via other friends and sporting dog enthusiasts. I am currently working on getting some type of benefit event together to lend help to the Shaffer family and to also provide some Christmas gifts for Bruce and Jen's daughters, etc.

    I think any of us who love gundogs are highly troubled by the sickening loss of all of the very special dogs that were lost in this fire.

    Please do whatever you can personally to reach out and help these folks start all over again, the challenge they are faced with is beyond imagination, but not insurmountable with the help of others. See yourself in their shoes, think outside the box and as to what effort you might contribute on their behalf. Tap into your own network of friends and family that might help you in lending assistance to the Shaffers. KNOW THAT YOUR ACTIONS CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE FOR THE SHAFFER FAMILY.

    Regards to all,

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