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Thread: Silver Factor?

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    This ad was taken from a Louisiana site that has plenty of "Champion Bloodline" litters advertised. They sometimes even guarentee them to hunt and almost always allow you to see both sire and dam because they're "on site". We don't have the market cornered on idiot dog breeders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce MacPherson View Post
    Because fox red is just a shade of yellow. I can't think of anything silver is a shade of except maybe green for the people selling them to folks who just don't have a clue.
    A buddy of mine texted me today all excited about his wife getting a new pup. He told me she is getting a silver lab out of a kennel in NC He said she wants to get into training for trials with it *Forehead slap*. I called him and told him all about silvers and told him if she wanted a pup that bad that I know people that are going to have litters on the ground soon and that I myself am going to be breeding mine within the next year. He said the pup was going to be pretty expensive. *forehead slap* I told him if she wanted to spend $2k on a pup, I could point her in the direction of several LOADED litters that she could actually do something with. He said he doesn't care what she does because he is not paying for it *forehead slap* Never thought this kind of thing would happen with someone I know that knows I play the dog game and am very active in the dog world.

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