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Thread: Is the TT 500 all it's cracked up to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Nutt View Post
    Why do u think tube style is on the way out?
    I would like to ask this question as well. Our most recent information directly from Garmin was the the TT "Legacy" Products - the Pro and Field series - were remaining in the Garmin line.

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    If "cracked up" means the collar has 18 levels of continuous as well as 18 levels of momentary, then Yes, it's for real.

    Some folks choose to only use one mode or the other. Some choose to spend the majority of their time using one mode or the other. There are several models that feature more choices of momentary and less of continuous or vice-versa.

    If you want the flexibility of that many levels of continuous and momentary, then yes, it's what it's "cracked up" to be.

    If you don't value the 18 levels of continuous, you may choose a different model, like the Flyway.

    I would offer that many folks think they know how they are going to train in the future, based upon how they train today. Sometimes folks learn something new or just change their minds. The Pro 500 give one the most flexibility out of the TT line.

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    Pro 100 all the way. Does all I need

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul "Happy" Gilmore View Post
    You never liked continuous. Your pro never uses continuous. (except you are saying he uses Continuous?) This is what is so continuously confusing about this thread. If you didn't like continuous, your option is momentary although, at the moment you are saying what others said is continuously correct?
    I will think about this continuously, and get back to you momentarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Atkinson View Post
    I would offer that many folks think they know how they are going to train in the future, based upon how they train today. Sometimes folks learn something new or just change their minds. The Pro 500 give one the most flexibility out of the TT line.

    This is why I went with the 500.
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    To me the 500 is way more than anyone ever needs. No way I'd spend the extra money for it. I have the pro 200, same as the flyway. I use both momentary and continuous but more momentary. 200 has 18 levels of momentary and 6 continuous. With the 200 the two black buttons are momentary and the red button is continuous so you can use both simply by pushing a different button. So with the 200 you have 4 levels at your disposal. One black button low second is med and both together is high, red continuous is higher yet, not so with the 500. With the 500 you have to flip the toggle switch to change between momen and cont. I HATE the toggle switch, way too easy to accidently move it. Anybody that thinks they can use the continuous as efficiently as the momentary is just plain wrong. I have had this argument with someone before that said, oh I can be just as quick and nick with the continuous button. I put the collar in the palm of my hand and with a stern warning not to crank it up I told him to hit either the momen or cont and I could tell him which button he was using. I was 100% accurate as to which button he was using. I like the 200 and cannot imagine ever needing anything more, in fact 90% of the time I run mine on 2 or 3 and rarely need more.

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    My favorites are the Pro 100 (I can nick using continuous) or the Pro 500. I have one of each. 18 levels of stimulation is a bit of overkill, but I will take it if I can get it.

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    I'm exactly the guy Chris is talking about. I started with a continuous old school Judge, terrible collar that needed different color plugs for different levels. Then I got the much better LR 200, a combination of mostly momentary with the one big red continuous button. I liked that collar and expected to stick with momentary, but bought a Pro 500 in 1999 for the flexibility. I started out mostly using it in momentary mode, then a combination, now I may as well have a 100, because I almost always use continuous.

    I agree that there is no way to manually nick a microsecond correction like the momentary TT, but I can do well enough and my dogs seem to understand the corrections. Another aspect I love is the durability of this collar. It has been used hard in heat and cold, dry and wet, been beat up and has proven to be pretty indestructable.

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    I like the Field-90. The top button is continuous, and the bottom button is momentary.

    For high/low changes to match the situation, I can rotate the dial with my thumb.
    But for the most part, each dog has a number that I leave the dial set to match.
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    Thanks for all the replys everyone.
    Joe Dickerson

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