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Thread: Training Grounds

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    Default Training Grounds

    This may be a long shot, but I figured I'd ask on here and cover my bases. Anyways, I'm a canine handler with a non-profit search and rescue group and we are looking for new grounds to train on. We need something that is 160+ and any type of vegetation is completely fine. We are based out of the Twin Cities here in Minnesota so we would like something that is relatively close, so, if you have anything in mind, feel free to message me. We won't harm your property in any way shape or form, and we are willing to wait until hunting season is over or whatever time is most convenient for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it is greatly appreciated!

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    Have you driven around and knocked on doors to ask? As a search and rescue helping society, i think most farmers would say go for it...

    Knocking and asking is the best way if you dont know anyone with a big enough piece of land. Worst case you waste an hour and they say no...

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    Go to your local volunteer fire dept and talk to them. They have some farmers for sure. And they are on hell of a great bunch of folks and they will try to enlist your services.
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    Or you can take the "tech" approach... Google Earth. Review satellite maps of the areas that are within driving range. This has become the primary way I have used to find water to train in. Once you identify some likely spots, you can find the landowners name(s) from town tax maps. That way you have a few more options of how to contact the landowners, and it is nice to know their names, even if you are just knocking on their door to introduce yourself. I found that it is important to have a short description prepared about exactly what you will be doing, how many people, dogs and vehicles are involved, and most importantly, how often you wish to use the property and what days/hours. Have a card or note ready to leave them your contact info. Expect a lot of no answers, before you get a few yes responses. I would think you might have a little edge in that you are training SAR, not just personal hunting/competition dogs. Make sure you thank the landowners in some way. I mostly train alone, so I bake apple pies and deliver them each fall to every owner of land I use. A group could offer to do some fence repair or brush clearing etc. Good Luck
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    What about Kelly farms in Stillwater.

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