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Thread: Nascar Analogy

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    Default Nascar Analogy

    You are running the last race of the season and your car has has never run better. Even though you are somewhat of a rookie you are going into this race with a ton of confidence and you feel you have a great chance of at least placing if not winning the race. The green flag is waved and you are off and racing but before you can complete the first lap you blow your engine and the race is over. Of cource I am talking about a dog and not a car and a derby not a race. My therapist told me it is always good to talk about things that are bothering you so if anyone else has had a similar story to share it would be a good thing to do. just in case anyone is curious there is a race the first month of next year and I will be there hopefully with a better engine.
    Terry Crawford

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    Analogy really doesn't work because - sorry to break the news - NASCAR's dying, due largely to the cars being all alike and the drivers all having the same personality (well, except for Danica - and look what that's done for NASCAR's credibility, much less helping regain its popularity). In field trials most of the "cars" are also alike (black dogs) though the trainers are different - maybe your therapist can tap into that analogy and come away with something existential to help you help rev up your next and better engine.


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    Sorry to hear that, Terry! And doesn't it just make it so much more "special" when you had to drive several hours to get there?

    That's why I didn't go. My male dogs were indicating that Flyer was coming in heat. I just knew if I drove the 5 hours and spent the hotel money, she would start spotting the next morning. Lucky for me, I made the right choice!
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    The NASCAR analogy I use is "when I take my dog to a hunt test it's like bringing NASCAR to the dirt track".

    Lonnie Spann
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