So almost a year, take out the hunting season, solid group of training partners, wow, did a sneak this morning on a pond, gee where before were in a race now It is a walk up, she is at heel and knows there is something good about to happen.
Under control in the dark to the blind,sitting and watching, reminds me of all the time working on control in the holding blinds for training,make a mistake , back to the end of the line. Now it is like a true working partner, very different then the hard to control hothead from last season.
Shots go and she stayed put,no tearing down the blind, we got a true partner in hunting, handling is completely different, sits,waits and takes the cast.
So take all the good social parts out of the traing group and we ended up with fun go getter that now welcome in the to many years coming our way, so yes all the work is worth it.