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Thread: Bumper Boys

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    Default Bumper Boys

    Wonder if anyone can help. Less than 12 months ago I purchased a 4 shot to go with my two 2 shots. It has never really worked well and hardly been used. However circumstances are such that I want to use it regularly and the 4th bumper - furthest from the receiver wont work. The little arm goes backwards. Have tried two new servos and still does not work. Have sent email to Bumperboy but don't know how long they will take to reply. Sending the unit back to US is not really an option. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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    I can't really offer any help with your issues other than to say BB went out if business a few months back!. Many of us myself included have BB units in need of parts and or repair. BB was looking for someone possibly to buy the business. We are all waiting for some kind of resolution. Sorry I couldn't offer anything other to help You!

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    My best guess is that the wireing from the servo to the harness is backwards. Undo the connection, turn it over and plug it back in and see if thats it. Sounds like bumper boy screwed up the harness when it was put together.
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    Not sure if I can help but I have been tinkering with my three units for awile now trying to keep them going. As Tom mentioned they are of of business and unless they find a buyer we will eventually have to find other remote options. You mention the arm on the servo goes backwards? Do you mean it flips in the wrong direction when you trip it with the transmitter? Is this something new or has it done this from the beginning? Have your tried changing the sequence order of the firing to see if its that specific launcher or something in the receiver causing the 4th shot to malfunction irrespective of order of shooting?
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    I've recently encountered this problem and I couldn't determine a complete fix, but I did put a bandaid on it. My last servo would swing the wrong way (instead of engaging the firing mechanism it would open the opposite direction) about half the time. There were several on here that suggested the connection from the wiring harness to the servo was crushed and didn't get a good connection. I didn't find that last connection to be damaged, but I believe it is the source of the problem. If it doesn't work, just wiggle that connection and it helps (this is my observation at least)
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    see the problem with bumper boy is that they want to get rich when they sell it. I contacted them a while back about it and more or less they didn't really want to sell it but license it to me for a fee. A very steep fee.Then they told me there was no money to be made in bumper boys the real money was in the hawks collar, and that it didn't make since to sell just the bumper boy line. Since everything is made overseas and only lightly assembled in the US you need to buy a large quantity at one time to make it cost effective. bottom line is i think this one may be gone for good.

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    Newer servo on my 4 shooter does the same thing. Each time you trigger it, it backs up instead of launching. Worked great for about a month after I replaced the first servo. Now this. I was hoping that replacing the servo again would cure it but from the OP's description, sounds like I'm in the same boat headed up the same creek.

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    I have a friend who has been a major player in the radio controlled airplane competitions. He has an old four shooter that I lost the transmitter on. He seems to think it will be fairly easy to make a control that will fire the launcher in sequence as well as trip the sound feature. I'll let you know when he comes up with something....
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    Try the connection on the reciever mine was doing that and i press the connection in better and its working now.

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    Clay and Timm have the most probable fixes. I would suggest that the first thing to try would be the three prong plug going into the servo, Just unplug it , turn it over and plug it back in.
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