Home schooled, meat dog, adds another ribbon!
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Thread: Home schooled, meat dog, adds another ribbon!

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    Senior Member Mark Teahan's Avatar
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    aztec, nm

    Default Home schooled, meat dog, adds another ribbon!

    I screwed up Saturdays tests by not handling on the memory walk up bird that I think Trap didn't see.
    We failed.
    But Sunday was another day, and he performed awesome.
    Long story, but he is now known as the duck head dog.
    He had a long hunt on the flyer and tried several times to come in, whistle sit and cast back to the long flyer fall area.
    Finally brings in the duck.
    Nails the memory bird on the hill, and only 2 handles on the blind.
    When the bird boys came in, they handed me a duck head?
    Trap had found it near the fall area of the flyer and had tried to bring it back. This happened twice.When I would stop him and cast he would spit it out and go look again. In his mind he found the flyer and got totally confused about the casting.
    The head must of been from junior the day before.
    He breezed thru water.

    All of you that had not many good things to say, I used as a tool to fix them.
    He's making a great hunting dog!
    Here's Trap with his first senior ribbon.
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    Congrats! That had to be really confusing for Trap having the duck head out in the field. Way to go Trap and Mark!
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    Very happy for you Mark. That was a tough test even without duck heads! My dog and I could not pull it off and are back to school to work out some issues.
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    Senior Member Mark Teahan's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    aztec, nm


    That double hill with the road between was a dog destroyer.
    Almost every dog took the same route at an angle and wound up way far to the right.
    Because of the duck head and handling, I am so happy Trap marks extremely well and ran right to the one on the hill.
    His was near the top, not lower where most marks fell.
    It was a tough land test.
    What was cool, was watching Betty's little Toller work. She looked like a little red fox running around.
    I was impressed!
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    Congrats Mark, job well done for both you and your dog
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    Senior Member PalouseDogs's Avatar
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    Good job! Now I'm curious. If a dog returns with a duck head (uneaten) does it count? I mean, how was the dog supposed to know he had to bring back the body.
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    Mark, good job. I definately would have had the bird boys let the judges know about the head. He did make the retrieve but you didn't know it until they said something. As a judge we need to take that into consideration. When I am gunning any pieces of birds that fall are immediately picked up after the dog has done that series. You also hear about bumpers brought back too.
    things happen.

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    Senior Member Mark Teahan's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    aztec, nm


    The judges told me it would have been called a completed retrieve, but noone but the bird boys saw what was going on because of the tall sage brush.
    I knew something was wrong out there because Trap doesn't give up on a bird he sees go down.
    He tried several times to come in, but I thought he gave up and whistle sat him and cast him again. He would drop the head and go.
    Guess the poor guy got confused because he had a duck (part) and was coming in and I kept sending him back.He found it near the flyer, and musta thought I got it dad!
    I gotta give him credit for dropping it and taking the casts and finding the real target bird.
    But he sure musta been confused.
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    Senior Member Billie's Avatar
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    congrats to you and Trap! youre hooked....
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    It was nice to meet you and discuss the duckhead deal..

    I didnt see from the Gallery the dog had retrieved something. It was good the BB said something to Judges.

    I WAS impressed though, that after all that big hunt, and handling, and the confusion the dog must have encountered, YOUR DOG,,, IMHO,, was the only dog that really marked that very difficult memory bird.. I mean he stepped on it. Very Nice dog...

    It was nice to meet you!


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