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Thread: Frozen can produce big litters and x-rays are not always right

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    Congrats on the breeding and the new pup. As the breeder of Maggie I too was excited to hear today that she had her nice litter of 10. Looking forward to hearing about your journey with your new pup. Do you have a name yet??

    Deb Wehner
    Santa Fe Labs

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    Wow, Marilyn! That's so exciting both that you are starting another pup and that it will be a Rascal son! Congratulations! It will be so fun to read of his progress. Thank you for sharing that!

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    Marilyn, Best of luck with the new pup. May he have the best of Roux and Rascal!

    Frank Price
    FC AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH "Roux"
    GRHRCH Bayou Magic's Tough as a Boot QAA "Boot" (still a Knucklehead Puppy)
    Bayou Magic's Reverend Jackson "Jesse" (Knucklehead Puppy)

    "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." -- George Herman Ruth

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    Very nice to hear from Frank and Deb as they bred the Mom of the pups in this litter. Roux and Tyra are one of those very special crosses that will be remembered in history when people talk about great breedings. Deb and Frank ---thanks for writing to acknowledge your grandchildren

    I was sent some pictures of the litter and it looks great. There are still a few not yet spoken for as more were born than expected. If I can figure out how to post some of the next pictures they send me, I will.

    I have talked with Katie Becker of Move the Dog in Iowa about delivering my pup to Thomasville. I was impressed by the conversation with her relating to what she understood about the importance of timing of the placement of the pup and other details about bringing the pup from Dallas. I like doing this much more than flying the pup or driving the 12 hours from Thomasville to Dallas and back.

    Meantime --- the breeder is having the neurological stimulation routines done with the pups daily. If nothing else that does for the pups --- just the multiple daily handling of the pups is very important for the litter. It gives the care-taker an opportunity to examine each one carefully daily and introduces the pups to positive relationships with the human scent --- since at this point the pup's eyes are still closed.
    Guess I need to start my journal on the pups now even if I won't personally meet them until mid-December.

    Marilyn Fender
    Windstorm Retrievers -- Georgia and Wisconsin
    Home of 1996 NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal) and birthplace of his son 2000 CNAFC CFC Quik Windstorm (Chip)
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    Hope it adds some to the thread and recall of Rascal adventures.
    Marty and I still have Pixie with us at almost 14.
    Pixie ( NMHx4 High Mileage Firestorm Qaa Can/ AM MH )is directly off Rascal - Pixie trained this morning as she got her weekly flier , walking singles and her 2 blinds. Just a wonderful dog and friend. Thank you Marylin and Mike Davin for the breeding
    Good luck and best wishes on the new one

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    Thanks for the post. Glad to hear that Pixie is still alive. Rascal lived to just a month short of 15. There seems to be long lives in Rascal's genetics. I do plan on doing some of Rascal's history ---- more of the personal items than just his accomplishments and titles. it will be a project for me while I am journaling the new pup's daily adventures this winter.

    Happy Retrieving,
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