Oct 29, 2013

For some time now, Delaware outdoorsmen and women have worried about
Jack Markellís animal rights agenda in his cabinet. We felt that the
camelís nose was in the tent with the hiring of a young Californian to
head the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and a
director of the Division of Fish and Wildlife with bunny hugger leanings.

Last week, Markell pushed the camel into the tent with the hiring of
Hettie Brown to head up a newly-formed position of animal welfare director.

So much for Markellís transparency in government and responsible
spending of taxpayer funding. In other times, this would have been an
act of overt collusion, but in todayís modern world, itís politics as usual.

Hettie Brown served as the Delaware state director of the Humane Society
of the U.S., a group whose avowed mission is to give animals (including
farm livestock) the same rights as humans and to end all ďblood sports.Ē
To further her cause, she served as a professional lobbyist to the
Delaware Legislature.

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