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Thread: Sending Pup To a Pro?

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    I won't add anything to what others have said and agree totally with everything except to say that it always amazes me how well my dog transitions from life with his pro to life at home with us. As others have said he has never forgotten how to just be a dog when he's home. He adapts very quickly, usually within 24 hours of getting home as he has gotten older. The arrangement works very well us and I don't plan to change it when we eventually get a second dog in a few years.

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    My pup went to the trainer at 5-months. She was there for a little over 6 months. I got home and gave her a bath in the driveway, as soon as we got out the truck. After i dried her off she ran to through the garage and sat at the back door waiting for me to let her inside. I got her food out she ran over and sat in front of her food bowl and waited for me to tell her to eat. She remembered everything from before she left. I was worried about having her in the house, after visiting her at the trainer. She was so calm and laid back in the house before she left, and she was a fire breather at the trainer, all she wanted was to retrieve! As soon as she walked in the house, she was as calm as before. Pick a good trainer and send the pup. They remember!!! I have had her back for 3-weeks, she is awesome!

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    Great advice everyone! I'm located in Seattle and have a couple ideas on trainers in Western WA. Still doing my homework and will take a few more months to make 110% I pick the trainer for both me and the pup. I'm probably the more difficult "student"

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    PM me and I can make some recommendations based on what you want to accomplish.

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    My girl was gone for two years training. When she came home it was like she never left me.

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