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Thread: Performance Dog Food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madluke View Post
    Thanks Charles, I believe that is what I have. I love the food and the larger size bags. I also like the Wilderness blend from Blue but 24 lb bags just don't cut it.
    Can't disagree with the frustration (and cost) of the 24# bags, but it's a great food...not to say there aren't others out there, too, but we've tried them all at one point or another (as many of you have) and so far, Blue is top of the heap for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madluke View Post

    No disrespect to the Vetrinarians on this forum but I feel the same way about Vet's with their computer pricing modules,demands for up front money, willingness to let a dog suffer on the floor in their lobby without a credit card payment. I know this topic is taboo and should be for another thread so I apologize in advance to our member Vet's who feel offended and defensive, but feel like we are being over priced by the emotional ties and love we have for our pets. I'm also not trying to say all Vet's are $$$$ driven but many have turned the wheel over to the industry practices which is where my criticisms are directed in the same way the dog food suppliers are taking us for a ride.

    So, now that I feel better having ranted a bit, I'm happy with Dr.Tim's and the information gleaned here to make me aware of the brand. There are great Vetrinarians out there as well but you have to look hard IMO as you do when looking for consistency in dog food and pricing.

    i guess thats why i enjoy living in a small town (small compared to NJ). vets arent like that around here or my hometown in SW arkansas. they will go beyond the call of duty. lots of no charge check ups and pay plans if you need it

    move below the mason dixon line and i'll bet you'll see a difference!

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