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Thread: HRC election

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    Bobby Williams

    Default HRC election

    Good Morning to all HRC members.
    I would like to say thank you very much to those of you that voted for me in my bid for the office of Vice President of HRC. But I want to say thank you to those even more who did not support me for it is clear the best qualified person was elected. After watching Jim take over the national meeting and conduct it in such a ordely manner I knew he was the best qualified.At one point in the meeting I was tempted to withdraw from the race. But I could see the trend changing every hour that went by in fact I almost voted for him myself but was carring someone else's proxy who had instructed me to vote for myself. There was not loser in the election. The BIG winner was HRC. The meeting could have turned out to be a real disaster because of certain things going on. I hope this group of officers will communicate with the members better than the last.
    Now with that said let me go a little futher. I have already obligated myself to judge three more Hunt test and will honor those. But God has other things for me to do that will get in the way of my taking on more assignments to judge, so please don't ask me for I will have to turn you down. Remember "I LOVE ALL OF YOU I JUST LOVE SOME MORE THAN OTHERS"[/b][/u]

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    Senior Member Miriam Wade's Avatar
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    Apr 2003



    You're a class act (& a heck of a rapper ). I'm very new to HRC, but you represent the organization well.

    Sorry I have to miss you judging at the LCRC test in June.

    "You can put pressure on a dog, you can’t take it back…"

    Mitch Patterson '07

    MHR Wadin's Katie Lied CD, SH, WCX (11/25/93-1/27/07 Rest Well Kate)
    Brassfire's Brass in Pocket JH, WCX ** (4 Master passes)
    Brassfire's New England Patriot (New Pup!!!)

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    Senior Member Margo Ellis's Avatar
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    Jan 2003


    Very well said, very well said indeed. We are looking forward to seeing you in two weeks here in Vermont. Sorry I missed the meeting as I heard it went off pretty much without a hitch.
    I wish all the members of the EC good luck!

    Margo Ellis
    Margo Ellis

    “Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy tramping across the country on a clear, frosty morning with a good gun and a pair of dogs does not know how to enjoy life.” ~ Annie Oakley
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    Senior Member Jim Person's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Central Mass.


    Very well said indeed. I wish all of the new EC the best of luck and continued progress within HRC. Sorry I will miss LCRC too, (not by my choice). Hope to see all the new england HRC faithful soon. Jim
    The mightiest oak was once a small nut that stood its ground

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