Chesapeak Bay Retriever--the real deal
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Thread: Chesapeak Bay Retriever--the real deal

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    Default Chesapeak Bay Retriever--the real deal

    Hi--I am looking or a great breeder of chessie pups--anyone have recommedations? I need the real deal--a high octane chessie ALWAYS willing to retrieve in some on the worst water/weather conditions. Fetching over and over and over, fearless, stamina, willingness to break ice, lots of guts. Larger dog with heavy coat needed. I hunt ducks and geese in Nebraska. I hunt alot in all kinds of situations and locations--marshes and rivers.

    I need a trainable chessie too-I understand the need to meet half way and negotiate with a chessie--I have owned them before. I had to put my last one down 3 years ago and he was AWESOME dog. The one I currently have is a great house dog put seems to lack desire to retrieve in difficult conditions. So I am planning for 2 dogs now.

    I also need a family dog--a dog my wife can take on walks after work and a friend to my kids.


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    The good news is there are numerous breeders that breed the type of pup you're looking for. The bad news is they're called labs. :P

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    There are many good breeders, there are also "breeders" who are breeding dogs that have horrible genetic issues. There are several good Chessie people on RTF, there are also some real jerks. I would caution you to make sure that all clearances and health tests are done. If they are not listed on the ad (for instance they don't list elbows or DM status) keep looking. Anyone who purposely breeds an affected DM dog to a bitch that is not clear or has not been tested is not a person I would ever deal with, let alone buy a dog from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles C. View Post
    ....... The bad news is they're called labs. :P
    so true, can not count the number of folk who ask if mine are "pure bread chocolates"
    I just smile and say they are Baltimore Leg Hounds
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    If the conditions are that bad and you need a family dog perhaps a Newfoundland would do the trick. I have seen a few coastal hunts.

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    Check with Sandy Dollar at web site named Do a Google or write to me for more information.
    She is at the Chessie Specialty right now in Cheraw so might not answer an email for a few days.
    She winters in the Thomasville area. No idea if she has any pups left to sell right now or what litters she might have planned.
    I have never owned a Chessie but have met many of Sandy's.

    Marilyn Fender

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    Sharon Potter just had a litter of 11 today. Well, her Chessie did. She is here on RTF and probably too busy to log on today.
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    Linda Harger- Fireweed Chesapeakes, Meridian Idaho...she is also at the specialty in South Carolina
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    Where are you located. There are several good breeders with some nice breedings. Feel free to email me with any questions and I will help you out. Both my dogs listed below are chessies.

    CH Chisholm Trail's Backdraft Bay MH***
    Chisholm Trail's Crossfire Sophie JH**
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    Oh Gawd; I had to do this for a friend; who's MH Chessie up and died at 14 yrs. of age (how dare he get old). The owner had lost all contact with any lines or anyone in the Chessie world. It was very Tough; but we eventually found a good breeding. Of course now we have 4-5 upper level Chessie peeps in our club; and I know who to ask to find one. You really need to talk with Chessie people; watch their dogs, and get their input on where to get a Chessie; Most breeding's aren't advertised. The dogs and owners are a bit different but when they have trained, and succeeded with the breed. They know what works, and where to find it. Lab and other Retriever people can only look in and theorize, based (on who appears to be doing well-who's got the best stats), but that doesn't mean that those dogs will be the best for you. Find someone who has a Chessie you adore; then get their recommendations on where to get one; Trust me they know, every line/every breeding. They'd put lab people to shame with how insistently they watch .
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