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Thread: Fish Oil

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    Default Fish Oil

    Have been searching through old threads showing a lot of diverse opinions on this subject. Wondering what is the difference between fish oil for dogs and fish oil for humans? I want to treat arthritis from an old injury in a 9 year old and try and protect a 7 year old's joints. Do not have a coat or skin issue. I take krill oil which is expensive and am not sure how much difference it makes to my joints! It seems fish oil plus vit E might be the answer?
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    There should be no difference, but I tend to think that human products are held to a higher standard of quality than pet products and always use fish oil for humans on the dogs. I would not go to the expense of krill oil for the dogs. Some vitamin E either in the fish oil or as a separate pill is a good idea because the omega-3s in fish oil are easily oxidized and you want the dog to have enough vitamin E to make up for what they use with the fish oil. I have been using capsules, either Carlson salmon oil, or Vitacost brand fish oils, both from Often it has sales on store brand fish oils, a good time to stock up. The dogs just eat the capsules on top of their food.

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    Price it per mg of omega 3s. The modern diet is deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, so we take fish pills to try and compensate, and we feed it to our dogs for the same reason.

    The expensive stuff tends to have a higher ratio of omega 3s vs other fatty acids.

    I don't like to take the fish pills, so I buy the concentrated stuff. Therefore I have to swallow fewer pills to get the recommended dosage. My dogs on the other hand think fish oil tastes great so I don't worry about giving them the concentrated oils.

    Once you start concentrating the fish oils, you have to worry about getting too much you pay extra for the fancy distillation process.

    My vet pointed out to me that the fish oil market is not regulated so there is no one overseeing that the labeling on the fish oils is accurate. So another thing you pay for is trust in the company that manufactures and markets the oil.

    The fish oil that I bought for my family is about 3/4 omega 3s. The stuff I got from my vet the other day is about 1/4 omega 3s and much I gotta sit down and do the math to see if I am really saving money.

    Whatever you buy, make sure the oil comes from wild fish.
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