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Thread: New pup and changed address

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    Default New pup and changed address

    "Scooter" has arrived. FC AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger x Good Ideas Windy Retreezer QAA! My long awaited pup is finally here. I am an absolute sold out fan of the Ranger dog (Charlie I don't know you but thanks!). There is nothing I like better than a 110% on fire, wild, with more horsepower than a guy should ever have under the hood, lab! It's not for everyone but it suits me and it's what I feed. My "Raven" (NFC AFC Hunter's Run Boo Boo x AFC Beat the Rush) is about as line bred on ranger as you may see, has been my dream dog. She is this kind of dog.

    I moved to North Dakota and the bird hunting is what magazine articles are all about. I work 2nd shift and hunt almost everyday. My Raven dog may never win the nationals but if birds in the bag count, she will be hard to beat. Weather it is the pheasant field in the afternoon with a duck/goose hunt in the morning, she does it with style. Thank you John Stracka, words can not express my thank you for this dog. This past Sunday we shot a triple( On Can's!) in 34 degree temps and winds just a howling. Raven handled that triple beautifully, in that very cold water, with a 150 yard blind on the last bird. I was proud! She has no quit in her.

    It's my hope "Scooter" is half the dog Raven has been, if he is, I will have more than enough dog for the Dakotas. Let the journey begin Scooter! John I guess another dog from you, thank you. You been at this a long time, I have no plans to re-invent the wheel, you know what your doing.
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    Backwater's Ole' Crow Medicine Show SH "Raven" BLF 7/26/11 (NFC FC AFC Hunter's Run Boo Boo x AFC Beat The Rush)
    Backwater's Gun Powder 'N' Lead "Trigger" BLF 6/30/12 ( FC AFC CJ's Mister T x FC Queen Winhelmina of the Netherlands)
    Backwater's Biker Trash "Scooter" BLM 9/6/2013 (FC AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger x Good Ideas Windy Retreezer QAA)

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