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Thread: Physically Conditioning the Dog

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    I feel that physical conditioning plays a large part in the doggy games. I for one do not give out my program. That is something you will have to find out for your self, but I will give you a hint. It is not long distance------ It is a sprint.


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    I figured by now my blm would be in shape. We train once or twice a day pending on work schedule. At least twice on the weekends a day. It's been 2 1/2 hrs since we've trained and he's still panting as if we just got done. I'm thinking now he may be just hot. I don't do any cardio to get him running more and in shape.

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    This works.

    "pack swimming"

    resistance mode

    easy mode
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    I don't have an ATV. I live on the side of a mountain and it's too much for me to handle on a bicycle ('less you call careening downhill with the brakes smoking then coming home in a chase car "roading" a dog) and my 7 mile runs were over a LONG time before the knee replacements. We live in a desert climate so long swims in a bay or lake are not going to happen. Happily the pup will be too young to worry about it this winter. Come spring she'll have to start getting conditioned with field work and whatever water we can find at the wild-life reserve after they start irrigating area farm land.

    It may take pup and me a bit longer to reach competition level... but we'll get there eventually.

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    For my dogs consistant foundation training with drills, patterns and group training has been enough physical conditioning so far. If I don't have the time for that they go for for walks in the pack which is a lot more exercise than running long in human pace.
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    I build conditioning up and down hills with marks. Swimming is great too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KwickLabs View Post
    This works.

    easy mode
    I did this across the big lake at Butte MT training grounds; started with 8 dogs about halfway across, I was down to 4. 3 made it all the way without bailing to the bank; but were all were unhappy when I turned the boat around
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    Mountain biking in the summer, snow biking in the winter. My older boys do 8-10 miles at a time. My young girl does 15-20 miles in the snow. They are off leash the whole time, so they get to go super fast. In the summer we stop for a couple of water breaks. In the winter, it's just a roll in the snow. Very happy healthy dogs.

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    My dogs get a mile and a half of swimming a day, in addition to regular retriever training (drills, marks, blinds). I'm lucky enough that my father in law has a custom made pool with a stone-lined liner so a liner can't be ripped. He encourages me to swim my dogs in it. It's half of an Olympic sized pool. Down and back is one lap. They get 4 sets of 16-20 laps a day. So I'll have em swim 16-20 laps, get em out to give em a one minute break, then back in the pool for 16-20 more laps. I walk along side them with a bumper. I walk back and forth. Gets my walking in for the day, and gets them their exercise. I used a pedometer one day and it showed that they got 1.52 miles in a swim. They love it because my father in law keeps the pool at 85-88 degrees, so in October they're still get their conditioning in after hunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackRyder View Post
    I figured by now my blm would be in shape. We train once or twice a day pending on work schedule. At least twice on the weekends a day. It's been 2 1/2 hrs since we've trained and he's still panting as if we just got done. I'm thinking now he may be just hot. I don't do any cardio to get him running more and in shape.
    So when you train, what are you doing? Are you running a few marks and a few blinds? I don't believe that's really true cardio conditioning in and of itself.

    Let's put this into human terms: If you were a football player, would running a few plays in practice be enough to get you through four quarters of a game? How do those guys get their cardio tolerance built up? Not by what they're doing strictly on the practice field, I'm sure of that. They spend hours in the gym, as does any real athlete, regardless of the sport.

    And I do respectfully disagree with whomever said jogging with a human has little value. It's not about the speed/sprinting, it's the duration that matters.

    Some kind of sustained running, roading or swimming (the ideal) is the way that you will effectively build real endurance. (I do know a couple of people that actually trained their dogs to run on a treadmill.)

    I also want to add that your comment about the dog still panting hard after 2 1/2 hrs would have me a little concerned. (Although - again just like people - some dogs are more heat sensitive than others. I have one dog that wilts like a day old bouquet in the heat....and another that could do wind sprints in Death Valley in July and be fully recovered from exertion in less than 10 minutes.)

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