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Thread: insurance should a pro trainer have

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    We use a hold harmless contract.The policies regarding injuries and illnesses,as well as escape,theft are all spelled out. I have never had anyone ask about insurance after they read my contract. I have never had anyone not leave their dog as well after they see my students and the facility we keep them in.
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    My experience is that if clients understood the Fram oil filter principle the world would be a better place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie Spann View Post
    If so, and a client gets a judgment against said pro, and said judgment exceeds the policy limits THEN :

    1. Pro's insurance company will settle with the plaintiff for policy limits;

    2. Pro will be left holding the bag for the remainder.

    If this happens then:

    Pro who has formed an entity for his kennel/training business AND has kept it separate from his personal assets should have no worry about his personal assets.

    Pro who HAS NOT formed an entity for his kennel/training facility has opened himself up to liability for the remainder of the judgment. Plaintiff can garnish wages, attach the judgment to property, bank accounts, etc. Plaintiff can execute the judgment and force the sale of pro's property to satisfy the judgment.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Sometimes individuals try to save $1,000 and create a $100,000 problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wckrishet View Post
    Maybe I am wrong I would think a reasonable expectation would be that my dog would be returned in the same physical condition that he left with and that the trainer would make a reasonable effort to insure that. It sounds like most trainers carry enough insurance to cover them and not their clients dog. Which is ok if I am told that from the get go I would try to get my own insurance.

    You are correct a pro will/ should take all reasonable precautions to keep your dog safe and healthy. If they do not, it is negligence. Realize that our sport is inherently dangerous. There are holes in the ground, sticks in the water and guns and nature involved. If you dog runs into a hole and breaks his leg , is that the pros fault? NO
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    The best things to do are 1)carry your own insurance, that way if your dog gets hurt they are covered. 2)don't send your dog to a pro that you're not comfortable with. Check them out fully and ask a lot of questions and ask for references. 3)expect that at some point, the dog will get hurt. They are working dogs that we ask to go through some of the worse conditions imaginable. The chances of them getting hurt are a lot higher than a dog that stays on the couch in the house. A responsible pro will do everything in their power to keep the dog from getting hurt...but they aren't God. Accidents happen and we deal with them. It's part of the game.

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