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Thread: Howard Neimi...

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    My heart is aching right now and the tears are making it hard to continue writing this.

    Howard contacted me many years ago about a Trio pup. He had seen the ad I posted in the Retriever Field Trial News. Little did I know that sending a pup all the way to Alaska would bring about a friendship that I cherish. Howard would call me and give me updates on that Trio pup that he named BAM. I remember him teasing me about her name and telling me to ask my active duty Army brother-in-law what B A M stood for with the Devil Dogs- Marine Corp. He got a good laugh when I called him back and told him that I had found out!! He would call me when Bam would win an Am or Open. He let me share the pride when Bam received her FC and AFC titles.

    I spoke to Howard a couple of weeks ago and he gave me the latest update on Bam. I can't believe that I won't get to talk to him any more about her or about breeding prospects and training.

    What a tremendous loss. Mary, I know how much Howard meant to you. I hope you know that he was proud of you and the accomplishments you made under his tutelage.

    I just can't believe this.
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    My goodness Mary this is indeed dreadful and shocking news. I will never forget my time with you at North Pole and all the written help Howard has given me over the years. He was truly a kind, generous man so RIP Howard.
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    This is such sad news, and a big loss to the retriever community. Howard was a great guy and he gave a lot to the sport. He will be missed, and fondly remembered.
    Sharon Potter

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    This Breaks my heart. We exchanged thoughts about puppies, and he was truly one of the good guys, I am so sorry. Mary, I know how much he meant to you. I am truly sorry.
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    I hate to hear this... I still remember Howard's first all age placement with a dog named Banjo T Heakin (Banjo). Howard won the Open that day. As Howard has told the story on this forum, I was throwing the long retired bird on the 4th series that day and remember it well. His reaction to the results was all you needed to see to know that he was serious about the sport and his dogs. The emotion was more than "on his sleeve", if you know what I mean... And it was impossible to not be happy for him.

    One other great memory of Howard is when my wife and I were dating... She knew nothing about trials, but loved to watch and video etc... One day she was filming while I was attempting a remote cast land blind. My dog was having none of it and after several cast refusals, whistle refusals, rising volume in my voice on the casts, etc... On the video can be heard Howard's voice... "Sherry, I don't think this is one Bill would want you to video". I still have that tape! The only command the dog took on that test was "here"... Over the years we have laughed about Howard's comment so many times...

    One last one about Howard... Relating to my wife. I had been single for a few years and was in my mid 30's. Of course I lived in Alaska at that time as well and ran trials. Sherry came to a trial with me when we first started dating and I introduced her to Howard. He says "So, you're Bills new girlfriend eh? Better have your running shoes on". And he walked off. Ha! Guess he wasn't giving her good odds of hanging around long. She didn't know what to think of that. I told her, that's just Howard. One thing about Howard, he said what was on his mind.

    Rest in Peace Howard.
    Bill Davis

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    I'm better word to describe it. I enjoyed Howard thoroughly, his knowledge and generosity in sharing his experience. And he made me laugh too, with his wry sense of humor and perspective of this crazy dog game.

    Mary, I'm sorry, I know how close you were. My condolences to Howard's friends and family - and the greater Alaska/Pac Northwest retriever community as well. RTF has lost one of it's brighter lights......

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    The retriever world lost a very good man,I regret not getting a chance to meet the man in person. His personality and willingness to help new people on the RTF will be a void that wont be replaced anytime soon

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    I am so sorry for Mary, Howard's family and the retriever community. Like many on this forum, I never met Howard but I respected him and felt a connection. I miss him.

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    This is terrible news!

    Howard was a great guy. I had a chance to spend some time training with him several yaers ago when he was Wintering in S Louisiana training in the spillway. He offered me some handling tips that I've never forgotten. He was always willing to help. In fact, the SLRC was having their Winter club trial and there was Howard helping and throwing birds. He didn't even have a dog entered!

    RIP Howard.
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    Bill, thank you for that remembrance - condolences to Howard's family and all who knew and benefited from him here.


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