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Thread: Howard Neimi...

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    There are some people you meet in person and become fast friends; then there are others you meet via social media or forums such as this. Never met the man, but still feel a sense of loss. Condolences to all that are feeling that sense of loss today.
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    I my Lord, I am so sorry to all . I liked him here on RTF
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicky Trainor View Post
    My heart is aching right now and the tears are making it hard to continue writing this.

    Howard contacted me many years ago about a Trio pup. He had seen the ad I posted in the Retriever Field Trial News. Little did I know that sending a pup all the way to Alaska would bring about a friendship that I cherish. Howard would call me and give me updates on that Trio pup that he named BAM. I remember him teasing me about her name and telling me to ask my active duty Army brother-in-law what B A M stood for with the Devil Dogs- Marine Corp. He got a good laugh when I called him back and told him that I had found out!! He would call me when Bam would win an Am or Open. He let me share the pride when Bam received her FC and AFC titles.

    I spoke to Howard a couple of weeks ago and he gave me the latest update on Bam. I can't believe that I won't get to talk to him any more about her or about breeding prospects and training.

    What a tremendous loss. Mary, I know how much Howard meant to you. I hope you know that he was proud of you and the accomplishments you made under his tutelage.

    I just can't believe this.
    Howard had taken Bam to the vet, and never showed back to get her. Not sure of the time frame but a friend went to do a well being check and found him at home, passed away. So know that one of his last acts was taking care of that pup you sent him Miss Vicky.

    Howard had recently taken up rowing, and was tackling that adventure with the same gusto as dog training. When I asked him about it, it was the proper boat for rowing. He was working hard to get in shape.

    And yes, he was Very proud of our friend Mary. Howard was actually a very private man. I remember some of the silly pics that Mary posted here on rtf when they both had placed in one of the Alaskan field trials. Mary was hugging on him, etc. He was embarrassed but also loved it.

    Howard never took leaving Alaska lightly, and hadn't done so in the past couple of years. Not even to attend a national that he qualified for. Not even when a friend handed him a ticket to go train in Georgia for a winter.

    A close friend of his, and training buddy, has his dogs. They are all fine, as Mary said.

    a very sad day for rtf, as we have lost a great resource. Howard was only 64. Way too young.
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    I am one of those new guys getting started, Howard has helped me out many times. Although I never met him, I wish I had. Will miss him for sure.....

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    Sigh. That's just terrible. He was great to talk to about dog stuff or football. Condolences to his family & friends.

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    So sad. Howard used to run the early spring Northern California trials where he was always part of the scene. I remember when the NorCal trial was held on our ranch years ago, and Howard helped Bill Drake get unstuck in his ATV. Another day, another memory, another life.
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    I had always hoped to visit Alaska and have a chance to meet Howard. Will miss reading his posts on RTF. God Bless Howard and family. RIP Howard and condolences to his family and friends.
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    Very sad I will miss him greatly. He was a great asset to the retriever world. Rest in peace my friend.
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    Rest in Peace. Tho we never met, I'll miss you on RTF.

    Condolances to all your family and weiblicher Teufel Hündin and kennelmates.
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    Very sad news. He always gave great advice and was a gentleman about it. I remember a while back when Shane posted up video clips of a national that Howard had qualified for. One of the clips was Howard being interviewed. I remember pulling for him and thinking he just seems like a really nice guy. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Howard.

    Respectfully, Danny Oldfield

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