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Thread: Howard Neimi...

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    I'm saddened by this news, as are many others. Howard was very kind, and helped a great deal with the seminar I gave for RCA several years back. I've reminded him a time or two that I owe him a Chinese dinner the next time we meet again. I'll have to do better than that my friend. Our retriever community will always be less without him.

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    RIP Howard. He will be missed.

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    So sad. 64 is too young. May he rest in peace.
    Kelly Cassidy (person)

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    There are no words at such a very sad time.
    Sixty four years is way too young.
    May Howard rest in peace

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    I am so sorry for Howard's friends and family, you especially, Mary. He's one of the truly good ones, such a shock and loss. Godspeed, Howard.
    Kim Pfister, Rainmaker Labs

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    I have trained with Howard for years. I started into field trialing shortly after he did. I still remember the last marks he had when he got his first all-age win years ago. I was out throwing and had just run my first Q. After the last set I told him he had won and he didn't believe me until somebody with more experience also told him the same thing. In fact, he only wanted to own two dogs at that time; he had recently purchased a pup from me and had purchased Pricey a bit earlier; His older male won and because of that, my pup departed his kennel to go to our other training partner. Since then he has had a lot of wins with several different dogs. I have thrown literally thousands of marks for his dogs over the years, while he did the same for me. I will miss him very much.

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    How incredibly sad..

    I never had the chance to meet him, but he would often about my comments, and went out of his way to keep me motivated. His correspondence to me was always enjoyed. He gave heeling words during the loss of my dogs. He seemed the type of guy I would have surely considered a friend...

    I will miss you Howard,,,Have a wonderful new journey...

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