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Thread: Howard Neimi...

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    Senior Member saltgrass's Avatar
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    Sad new for sure, He will be missed. Prayers for all of the family and friends.

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    northeast Pennsylvania


    Hard to believe he won't be here on the of the most welcoming people I ever "met".

    With sympathy,


    Where there is a will, there is a way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duk4me View Post
    I'm in disbelief.
    Me too...still trying to make sense of it...I got to meet Howard in person at a Rorem seminar and while he trained in TX one winter trip...this was after many years of being friends via the Internet. He even sent me his large collection of RTFNs when he found out I was trying to collect them all...he wouldn't even cash the check I sent him for postage! He will be missed, the most unassuming person I've known, no ego, just a humble guy who loved the silly games we play...gonna miss ya Howard...God's speed.
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    I saw this this morning and just haven't been able to come up with the words. Howard was one of the good guys. He will be missed.
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    You can be proud of your life Howard you left a mark for all of us aspire to, God speed.

    Sorry for you loss Mary.
    Just for the record I have very fine dogs. Some of the best in the whole country....or at least on my own block anyhow.

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    I only knew Howard through RTF, but was always thrilled when he replied to one of my threads - usually to tease me about being single - which made it fun! Very sorry to hear, always wanted to meet him. Condolences to his family
    “Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy tramping across the country on a clear, frosty morning with a good gun and a pair of dogs does not know how to enjoy life.” ~ Annie Oakley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie R. View Post
    He loved to give me grief about having Chesapeakes, but never in a mean way..
    Howard used to give me grief, too but then I got to tease him back when he fell in love with my Chessie Hilde. When I would show up at training and get Hilde's littermate Chance out of the truck, he'd say "But where is that girl? I want to see that girl." It was fun to tease Howard because he was all about black labs, but then Hilde came along. She is awfully cute and it was cute to see how he warmed up to her. Howard will be missed.

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    I am still in disbelief and at lost for words.
    RTF will not be the same with his absence.
    I didn’t have to know the man in person to know what he was here. GENUINE…
    RIP and thank you for taking the time to help others.
    Mary, I am very sorry.

    Benny who is only 3 years younger than him. What a loss.

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    I did not have the pleasure of knowing Howard in person, only knew of him through RTF.
    He was a very genuinely nice guy who always had great insight & advice in the forums.
    From my limited relationship with howard & reading the other posts, the retriever community has lost a great member too soon.
    May your family find comfort in this difficult time & may you rest in peace Howard.
    Gone, but never forgotten.
    Matthew Ries, Pharm.D.

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    this is very sad news. i only knew Howard on rtf. i like Howard. i respect Howard.
    john mccallie

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