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Thread: Howard Neimi...

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    I do not think I have ever sat and read every line to a post. How can you feel so captivated by someone you have never met in person... Very few people are larger than life, Mr. Howard is one of those few.
    Kendall Layne

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    I, like many others, never met Howard in person but have been deeply touched by his passing. I don't think Howard had any idea of how many lives he touched and how much he will be missed. I remember following his advice in the past when I was training my first dog. I'm not sure it was on RTF, maybe the old WRC? Afterwards, I followed Howard's posts and always appreciated his help and insight. To say he will be missed on RTF is an understatement. RIP Howard, and thank you for your contribution to so many within the retriever community.
    God's blessing and comfort to Howard's family and friends.
    Denise Jepson
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    I had the great privilege of meeting Howard in person. Back in 2008 I was invited to judge a trial up in Fairbanks Alaska, I had lived in Fairbanks for four years in the mid 70's and loved it, so was looking forward to a visit after all these years. I also knew Howard from RTF as one of the more reasonable posters, very knowledgeable, obviously possessing good dog sense, willing to share his knowledge in a no-nonsense manner but with a sly sense of humor.

    Going to Alaska to judge a 21 dog Open, 19 dog Amateur, small Qual and Derby, you don't know what to expect, but I remembered my pro taking a trip up there some years prior trying to get that last point to qualify a dog for the National, getting his but kicked, so I decided to play it straight up. What I discovered was that out of 20 all age dogs there were six or seven that would be in the last series competing for the win at any trial in the lower 48. Howard was right up there with his dogs, I think he won the Open and got second in the Am. Howard was definitely humble about it, but his handling and training was obviously at a very high level. He was also a great guy who helped a lot of up and coming dog folks in his area.


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    I had never met Howard but always took the time to read his posts. Howard, thanks for all of the advise over the years. RIP.

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    My sincere condolences go out to Mr Neimi's family and friends.

    It seems that I was just PMing Howard a couple of days a go, I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Neimi but he never failed to return a PM, even to a newbie with newbie questions.

    I was at a fiel trial a couple of weeks ago and as I reviewing the premium I made note of the dogs that Mr Neimi was listed as the breeder, Howard will live on through his breeding program of some outstanding dogs, what a legacy!
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    Condolences to his friends and family. He seemed like a classy individual on RTF and I looked forward to reading his posts.

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    Sad day for the retriever world...he was a kind man. Never met him, but thoroughly enjoyed his posts here.

    lesa c
    Ramblin Maxx Retrievers

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    RIP Howard....

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    I was saddened to hear the news...I never had the Honor of Meeting You Howard...Gods Speed Be with You....
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    Please read: This is from one of our club members. If you have any questions you can PM me. Please don't ask me if there are any future breeding planned because there aren't.

    To our members,

    Many of you have heard by this writing, that our long time friend/trainer/member Howard Niemi passed away recently. To many of us, Howard’s passing comes as a complete shock, and we are deeply saddened.

    The communication expressing concern for Howard and his dogs has been much appreciated. All three of Howard’s dogs are being cared for and are doing fine.

    At this time, Howard’s family asks that folks stop contacting them as they are overwhelmed with calls; and with the details yet to be worked out to close Howard’s estate. When the details of an opportunity to say our last good-byes to Howard has been decided, information in that regard will be emailed out to the membership.

    Again, Howard’s dogs are doing fine. Arrangements have already been made for their future in their very best interest. To avoid miscommunication and confusion, we politely request that the calls regarding the placement of his dogs also discontinue. They have been overwhelming as well. If you have specific questions, please direct your communication to Mary Maxwell or Betsy McCracken .We will share information to the best of our knowledge.

    Your cooperation and understanding during this time, in respect for Howard and his family is very much appreciated.
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