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Thread: Miniature Poodles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Farrar View Post
    My daughter has a rescue toy poodle. The dog is a total nut case. I have been tempted to see how far he flies when launched from my winger.
    I've seen a few Labs, Goldens and Springers that fit this description also!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie Spann View Post
    Be careful where you purchase your HT poodle.

    Lonnie Spann
    I had a ferret when I was a kid...if you mistake that for a poodle, you desirve what you get. Good luck finding your socks or house shoes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by twall View Post
    I judged a miniature poodle in a NAHRA started test at number of years ago for the Presque Isle club. The dogs name was Percy. He was a great little dog. He did as good as any other dog on the first three marks. Unfortunately, he didn't pick up the fourth mark because he got caught up in the day-old scent from the trail we ran the day before. He just kept working that old trail. He was the only dog that day to show any indication of the trail from the previous day.

    I learned a lot about judging/setting up tets that day.


    I was just going to mention this exact dog as his owner was a member of the Horseshoe Hunting Retriever Club in Ontario. His biggest issue was the height of the cover!

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