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Thread: Training Labradoodles

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    Default Training Labradoodles

    Anybody have any experience training labradoodles?

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    3 in OB.......... goofy , silly, smart but very busy dogs. Did not like any of them
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    There's one around here that was a fellow student in an Agility class. Smart, athletic, energetic dog, really overwhelmed her novice (but devoted) owners. Absolutely loved the water. They could hardly keep her out of the kiddie pool used to cool off dogs.

    I still see the dog (now a bit calmer) around town, with its still devoted owners. I wonder how it would have done at hunt tests. Hunting would have been a better fit for the dog's energy level and passion for water than agility.

    I've seen others that were a lot leggier, more poodle than lab or golden.
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    Good luck. My buzzy has owned a few. Nice looking dogs but dumb as rocks

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    I train a ton via OB classes. They are hit or miss. There is zero consistency in them some a very smart and completely driven to please while others are dumb and don't care about anything besides bouncing around.

    I read an article in retriever journal awhile ago about a gentleman in Arkansas who hunted with one. Just like any dog build a solid OB and go from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cass View Post
    Good luck. My buzzy has owned a few. Nice looking dogs but dumb as rocks
    We have quite a few lab/goldendoodles that come in for grooming. The most loving dogs ever but nothing between their ears.

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    I like the silver ones.

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    I have had a few at my facility. One is incredibly smart. Each of the one's I've had have been very affectionate and athletic. But I think the bottom line is that each one is an outcross, so you can never be sure what you're going to get. I think it's inaccurate to label labradoodles as anything such as dumb, smart, trainable. Each one is different than the next. And like Forest Gump said, ya never know what you're gonna get. Therein lies the dilemma with mixed breeds.
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    You need to get one from British lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
    Anybody have any experience training labradoodles?
    Had a couple....glad the fad is fading!
    Jim Weitzel

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