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Thread: Training Labradoodles

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    Done a few in OB as well and agree, you never really know what you're going to get. I agree with Jen although not just because they are an outcross every time. I personally believe when you start breeding for things other than brains, health and (or) conformation, you start getting undesirable traits more frequently.

    Bottom line in my mind is that really good examples of either breed would not be used to create these types of dogs, so it's not very likely you would be able to get a consistently desirable result. No on is taking their best hunting poodle and their best hunting lab and making mutts.
    Darrin Greene

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    Like with any mutt they make for good couch potatoes. The pound is full of such animals, they are only $75 and would have just as much chance training one. Actually I'd take the pound dog, as they some how know you saved their life and become really devoted.
    The foundation to a great retriever is obedience.
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    You need to get one from British lines
    I agree with Paul. I have trained three registered Labradoodles from australia and they were brilliant students. I believe Australia belongs to the queen.

    All 3 definitely movie star quality.
    I have also trained many U.S. Lab /poodle crosses and found them to be inconsistent,,but as easy to deal with as most any other mutt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcrumpy9 View Post
    I train a ton via OB classes. They are hit or miss. There is zero consistency in them some a very smart and completely driven to please while others are dumb and don't care about anything besides bouncing around.

    I read an article in retriever journal awhile ago about a gentleman in Arkansas who hunted with one. Just like any dog build a solid OB and go from there.
    Based on my experience, the same can be said for most breeds, even (especially) labs. I get all kinds in for training and there is ZERO consistency. I'm not a believer in selling high-priced mutts, but I suspect that if someone bred a good field-bred lab to a decent poodle, the odds might go up to have trainable pups with some level of retrieving desire. Just not sure why someone would want to.
    Matt McKenzie

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