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View Poll Results: How often do you bather your retriever?

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  • Never, unless they get into something disgusting

    95 47.50%
  • Once or twice per year, whether it needs it or not

    56 28.00%
  • About once per month

    41 20.50%
  • About once per week

    6 3.00%
  • More than once per week

    2 1.00%
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Thread: How often do you bathe your retriever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget Bodine View Post
    I am the once or twice a year wether they need it or not person. I bathe them when they are blowing coat, it helps to get it out and gets rid of the dungees they can get when blowing coat.
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    Lonnie Spann
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie Spann View Post

    Lonnie Spann
    Definitive answer... thanks. JD
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitty View Post
    I'm kinda baffled by the bath concept---a regular formal soap, rinse, and dry routine. How many of you do it, and why?

    Do you think it improves their coat or skin?

    Or are they indoor dogs that you want to be clean?

    I chose a lab for its self cleaning fur...
    Indoor dog that my wife doesn't want to smell, I can't smell anything. Of all the things to buy a lab for, self cleaning fur was definitely the very least of my worries.
    Daren Galloway

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    The first question, (ignored) is possibley answered by the fourth responce. Now ask yourself....Does she go to the blind with you in the AM, or go home? JD
    You're right. Truck and I are on the same schedule.

    Goes home. Can't shoot for squat. And given her Irish blood I've never encouraged differently.
    We shoot dogs with a Canon

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    Senior Member H2O_Control_guy's Avatar
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    More than twice per year and less than once per month. Usually when he comes home from the trainer, while shedding, and after rolling on something dead. Regarding cleaning interior of the truck. That is a neat concept, but it is one of the things that seems to keep getting put off.
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    H2O Control Guy

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    I don't bathe a dog often but do rinse mud and guck off after training in rain. We have heavy clay here and it cakes on the dog. I think that it might be bad for their skin staying on. My old dog however b/c he is on the furniture he gets bathed. Do I think it will improve their coat??? I do know that you must be sure you rinse the dog off well or they will get skin irritation, dry skin and flaky skin. That is just what I have observed from doing him. So I am careful about how often I do it. JMHO
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    ...... How often do we break down our guns and scrub them? JD

    goofy question, as that would depend on the gun.
    as to the OP, only when a skunk is part of the story.
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    Rowdy has allegeries so he gets a bath twice a week in the summer with an allegery designed shampoo. In the summer because of the various type of weeds he runs through. In the winter only once a week because the cover is usually short and limits his exposure.
    Wayne Nutt
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    I dont like my dog stinking.. He spends a ton of time outside and is especially rank after a day out at our place running through all the nasty water and rolling around in cow crap...I give him a bath about every two weeks and sometimes once a week if he gets to stanking.

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