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View Poll Results: How often do you bather your retriever?

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  • Never, unless they get into something disgusting

    95 47.50%
  • Once or twice per year, whether it needs it or not

    56 28.00%
  • About once per month

    41 20.50%
  • About once per week

    6 3.00%
  • More than once per week

    2 1.00%
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Thread: How often do you bathe your retriever?

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    My dog gets a soap bath on an as need basis. That is usually only because of smell. I was always told not to give a lab a bath with soap (especially during hunting season) because it will strip the natural oils from their coat, and skin which gives them the ability to stay warm, dry faster and keep stuff from staying on or in their coat? Any thoughts on this? May be an old rumor or legend, but it makes sense to me!

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    i never give mine a bath her kennel that is in my car smells but she doesnt. i had some friends come over to watch football and one of them was very prissy. well after a few mins of her petting a playing with Belle she asked how often do i give her a bath because apperently she smells good then that lead into a converstaion about how ladies need a bath and about that time belle sits down and starts to like around her female parts and in a joking manner said she cleans herself quite well. but if she does get a bath it needs to be warm outside and so when i get wet im not freezing cold, also as a single male you i dont want dog hair in the jacuzzi tub and ruining the mode or clogging the pump!

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    Thanks to all for your responses.

    I have been reconsidering my vision of dog hygiene and health...your thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated!

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    Whenever he goes into the field which isn't that often any more unless it is hunting season. He is a house dog and my wife is paranoid about him bringing allergens and other uninvited guests into the house. Consequently during hunting season he gets a bath per week, sometimes more and during the rest of the year he may go months without one as now. He sorta stinks right now but we'll be going hunting soon so he'll get a bath when we get back.
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    My lab gets one every blue moon, my curly gets one roughly monthly or before a show (the judges don't like dirty dogs, cant figure out why). If I had my choice they would never get one.
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    Since all my dogs live in the house, they get rinsed off after all swimming and full baths at least once a month. Can't stand dog hair and dirty dog smell.

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    when the wife complains. otherwise, why wash away a wonderful aroma.

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    We live next to the shore. Our dogs take their bath in the ocean.
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