Help with arthritis med?
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Thread: Help with arthritis med?

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    Default Help with arthritis med?

    My 13.5 year old lab seems to not want to walk or move for that matter. His back legs and in a constant crouch. I'm sure he has arthritis or some hip displaysa at his age. Have had him on rimidil in the past and doesn't seem to help. I know his time is short, I want to make him more comfortable. Anyone try anything else with positive results. Thanks

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    I would try a glucosamine supplement. I also would try Arnica Montana which you should be able to get at a health food store.

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    My old guy gets Deramaxx. My vet thinks it is better than Rimadyl
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    Try Tramadol. It's a human med that dogs can use. Doesn't hurt kidneys and works great. I just put down my best friend TUCKER who was 13++++ and he was on it for several years along with Metacam. Hope this helps. Your vet can call them into Wal-Mart. Not expensive at all.


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    My two 12 year olds have comfortable but firm beds. One has acupuncture with excellent results. Slippery floors in the house have stable rugs for grip. Both dogs live in the house and are free to move about at will, also not exposed to the cold.

    They are both on chinese medication supplied by the vet who performs the acupuncture. My husband calls them magic pills.
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    Had the same issues with my old dog.Vet put him Meloxicam daily and Tramadol if needed, it's cheap and judging by the results very effective. At 13 plus your not going to make them well again just live out their lives as pain free as possible. It has really been a game changer for my dog.
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    I use Science Pure Best in Show Enhanced (750 mg) of Glucosamine HCl and in conjunction with Vets Best (600 mg). My vet wants 1250-1500 mg Gluc HCl and 500-600mg Chondroitin. I have found he is running really great going towards 12 yo. I also give on my vets advice, Omega Pro 3 soft gels, which has Vitamins and fish oil in the capsules. This good for their skin and coat. At first I had to use Metacam prn but once the Glucosamine and Chondroitin started to work have not had to use it.He also had to loose about 5 pounds!! JMHO
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    I'd discuss w/ your vet and an updated xray maybe in order - it could be lower back, hips, knees, a number of things. For the pain your describing, and for 6 years this combination worked very well for a dog we had, until it didn't work, the pain was too much, was Deramaxx and Tramadol. I think this is an excellent combination for pain, along w/ a quality diet, good dog bed and being able to be inside or in a warm kennel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhenee Fadling View Post
    I'd discuss w/ your vet and an updated xray maybe in order - it could be lower back, hips, knees, a number of things.
    This is good advice, a correct diagnosis is essential before instituting therapy. Neurological disease is almost as prevalent as musculoskeletal disease. The exception to that is glucosamine/chondroiton/MSM supplements and hyaluronic acid supplements. The NSAIDs all have potential side effects wich range from gastrointestinal upset and possible bleeding to liver or kidney problems and should not be given unless under the supervision of a DVM. COX II is an enzyme in the inflammation pathway and the COX II inhibitors reduce inflammation by preventing the completion of that pathway. However COX II is protective for the kidneys so dogs with pre-existing kidney disease are not good candidates for their use.

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    Another vote for more diagnostic tests.

    My old lab started limping, vet assumed it was her just being old and that her hips were in bad shape. It turns out she had cancer and was in a lot more pain than I could have imagined. I still feel guilty about not pursuing a better diagnosis.
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