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Thread: IRS Refunds

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    Default IRS Refunds

    The IRS, which is now overseeing Obamacare’s complicated implementation and collecting its tax penalties, sent 343 tax refunds to a single address in Shanghai, and another 655 tax refunds to one in Lithuania, according to CBS News.

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    This would then be in addition to the refunds (tax credit checks) that went to the same address in parts of the US

    It is this agency that we should trust to get the subsidies and O-care tax done right? Are we nuts?
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    I'm feeling pretty churlish toward the IRS right now. My father's estate is undergoing an audit that's turned into a witch hunt. It was a very specific, simple & orderly estate and is now entering Year #4 of probate, thanks to the IRS. Not to mention hemorrhaging taxes at the rate of 55% per year. And yes, Pop was a right winger and donated to the NRA and several conservative politicians....
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