Breeder Brag 2013 Missouri youth deer season (GDG)
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Thread: Breeder Brag 2013 Missouri youth deer season (GDG)

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    Default Breeder Brag 2013 Missouri youth deer season (GDG)

    This is my son Caden's 3rd year of carrying the rifle in the stand. His 1st year he shot a small buck ,and due to the sentimental value We had it mounted. I've told him since that he had to kill a mans deer to qualify for the wall hanger.

    For the first time in my life I had to pay real money to lease a farm. I decided it was time for a closed in blind ,so several months ago we began working on a blind together. It didnt take long and we had it named as the "deer condo". We finished it up took it to the woods and set it in a spot we both liked.

    Our youth season was one of typical preparation, pack our gear ,repack and double check (we had enough food /supplies to last the weekend!). We headed out extremely early 2:30 A.M.since we both where restless and running a fever(buck fever) ,but the eve of the season we had some prep work to do in the kitchen. We precooked bacon,eggs and biscuits. I have a small Coleman heater that I cook on in the duck blind ,and we had it packed in our gear and ready to fire.

    We settled into the stand,and at 10 years old (if you remember) you can sleep anywhere,so he was crashed on the floor,I after about a half hour I heard him stir and say "is breakfast ready",so he got up we we warmed up and put together bacon,egg and cheese biscuits and settled in waiting on the world to wake up. Before shooting light we could see deer working through the bean field we where set up on. We was unable to tell buck or does due to lack of light. As we set there with an itchy trigger finger,light began to come and the shapes turned into deer. We watched 3 doe's eat and work through the field. For weeks we have been talking about fresh jerky ,and I could see jerky in his eyes. He said "which one is the biggest?" I reminded him that the hunt had just started several times ,in an attempt to curve his hunger of the walking jerky, and told him we have a field full of perfect buck attractors and we should give it some time to see what happens. He informed me that he didnt want to miss a chance to take a doe. I told him we wont let the last one walk out of the field,if thats all we see. Across the field I spotted white shiny bones as it slipped into a wooded ridge in a hurry. My first thought was that he winded the left over smells of breakfast,but the wind wasnt quite right for him to scent us.Out of the corner of my eye a buck came charging out not 30 yds from the cedar thicket we where set up in. He was hell bent on chasing the other buck out of his turf. (back up a little to the packing and repacking, due to the garage fire of 0013 I didnt have a grunt call or any deer calls,and remembered that as we packed the night before) As the buck came out the hair on the back of his neck was standing up and he was looking for a fight,with the best grunt I could spit out ,he stopped, "you got plenty of time boy ,so breath and put it in the swe" BOOM! "et spot" He didnt even let me finish and put a solid shot in the boiler room. The buck stood there like nothing happened, he ran the bolt on his gun and BOOM, this time the buck started the "bulldozer maneuver" where his back legs where driving him forward ,but the front end was shutting down. He laid down in front of us and kept his head up. The hardest part of any hunt is waiting for the animal to expire (my son sometimes struggles with the harvest and taking one of mother natures animals). I told Caden that if we went after him ,he was likely to head to the next county and die there ,so we just needed to have patients. A half hour felt like days,especially considering there where still does eating in the field. Finally he laid his head down and the hunt was a success ,after some hugs ,high fives ,knuckle bumps and glassy eyes we began field dressing his prize. Long story short... We headed to the taxidermist and dad got to tell him"see what patience s gets you"


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    Wow!! Way to go Caden!!! Great story and great deer.

    The sleeping on the floor of the blind reminds of my son... He has slept face down in the floor of duck boats, on top of bags of decoys, in wet grass while bear hunting... Generally when he wakes up he would look around and say "dad, that was some good sleeping!"

    But, back to Caden... If you keep shooting all those big bucks... What is your dad supposed to shoot?
    Bill Davis

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    Sweet!!! Congrats!!! Really nice buck! Looks like his neck was swollen up and rutting! MS has some really nice deer, I am amazed every time I go to Tunica at he numbers and size! Hope to get one like that myself, TN muzzle loader starts this wknd.

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    You are raising your son RIGHT Shawn. My hat is off to you..
    My Dad said to me ."Son, a man just needs three things to be happy....A good dog, a good gun and a good wife.....Thank God I have all three
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    Congrats!!! Making memories is what it is all about.
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    Awe Shawn, I loved your story. Way to go Caden! You da Man!
    Jeannie Greenlee

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