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Thread: My new retired gun I made

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    Using the homemade 12v remote electronics available on the web and an electric car antenna, a retired gun that goes up and down is relatively easy to construct. I have never used gate actuators but they will probably work as well.

    Below is a link to where I got the electronics for my retired gunner (2000 m range), and I requested that it work for 5 amp device to work car antenna and it wasn't any extra $$$.

    Use a 12v gel cell battery, similar to a robo duck battery just 12v rather than 6 v so you don't have to haul a car battery around to work it. Below is a link to where I got mine:

    I used a piece of pvc to support the antenna (similar to Malcolm).

    Good Luck!
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    Been able to train with Greg quite a bit recently. These are really nice units.

    The Gunners Up stick man can still be used as a conventional stick man (stuck in the ground) when not attached to the retire/un retire unit.
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    can we get a youtube video of it in action?

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    Any chance you could explain how to wire it up?

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