Devil's pitchfork....beggarticks...stick tites....Public service announcement....
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Thread: Devil's pitchfork....beggarticks...stick tites....Public service announcement....

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    Default Devil's pitchfork....beggarticks...stick tites....Public service announcement....

    Finally got a chance to get Sam out on his first duck hunt.....he did a good job a bit antsy in the blind......didn't really know what he was there for and hadn't ever been required to sit in one place for so long. But we worked it out. I left my shotgun at home and managed the dog while my deadeye partner shot the ducks....worked out great.

    The downside is that there was devil's pitchfork....beggarticks...what ever you want to call em EVERYWHERE. When we got home I noticed Sam was rubbing his right eye. He does that sometimes when he's been off in the weeds but he's always been fine. So I went bowhunting for the evening and when I got home his right eye was shut and VERY red and his left eye was moderately red and he was pawing at his right eye practically non stop. I looked and looked in it but couldn't see what was in there thanks to his inner eyelid closing every time I tried. The only vet in the area that I know of that has evening hours is in Quincy IL so I called them and they said come on over. Well.....they had to sedate him to get a look inside his eye and sure enough he had one deep under his inner eyelid in the right eye and another in the corner of the left eye. No scratch...just an eye ointment and wrote a check for 213.71.....

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    It could of been worst. Glad they found the problem.

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    Ouch! poor guy, I'm glad you got him looked at and that they got them out before real damage was done.
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    Geez! Those are nasty! Good for you for bucking up and taking him to the emergency vet after a very long day of hunting! Glad he's ok!
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    Those are definitely Devil's pitchforks! Nasty things.

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