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Thread: South Mississippi HRC hunt test experience...

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    I've got to add a few other small details to Lonnie's story:

    I'm stressing later Saturday night while talking in the hotel parking lot. My seasoned marshal has a true family emergency and will be there for set up but has to leave early. 1st person to step up and volunteer to stay and help, mind you he has a 5 hour drive home and his whole family with him, is none other than the infamous Lonnie.

    I figured with 3 dogs reaching 500 points and 1 hitting 1, 000 that I better have some nice ribbons or I would be tarred and feathered

    I'm glad everyone, including Bill and the family, had a good time. I was extremely happy that they were there and could share memories about a woman we all greatly cared for.

    PS - How's the new collar working?
    Richard Gravely

    GRHRCH UH Hammer MH ***
    GRHRCH UH Zeus

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    Congratulations!!!!! The esteemed Lonnie Spann has bailed me out more times than I can count. Jack is a very nice dog! Good to see both get the recognition they deserve.
    Mark Land

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    Lonnie got the best camo award, too!
    Wm. Mark Edwards
    Pascagoula, MS

    HRCH (500) UH Ellie Mae MH CGC
    HRCH Tipsy MH

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    Good for you Lonnie. You and your family made a very favorable impression on me when I met you all at the Cattle Ranch. Having the hunt as a memorial to Miss Cleo really made me sorry I did not make the 12 hour drive to attend... A bunch of good people.
    My Dad said to me ."Son, a man just needs three things to be happy....A good dog, a good gun and a good wife.....Thank God I have all three
    Sundown's Boss of Delta Marsh JH (Louie QAA X Delta MH)
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. The story wasn't intended to be focused on me as much as it was supposed to be about the entire experience. I was glad to finally get 500 points on my dog actually it was bittersweet. I looked at it like I was finally reaching the finish line in a marathon but as soon as we left the line Jack looked up at me like "I'm ready to go again boss". So who knows, I might just have to add a 1,000 point jacket to my collection? This particular weekend was really not unlike many other weekends I have spent at HRC hunt tests, fellowship, camaraderie, watching good dogs work, good food, and seeing the next generation participating and having fun. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a weekend.


    I had to edit the original post...see the bold print at the bottom.

    And yes, I was the one wearing the camobooty camo.

    Lonnie Spann
    DISCLAIMER: The above post is the opinionated and biased view of your's truly, Lonnie Spann, and is in no way intended to reflect the opinions or views of the unfortunate individuals named below who just happen to be doomed with guilt by association.

    Member of CAHRC and North AL HRC. I train with AND AM FRIENDS WITH: Fishduck, Laidback, Splash_Em, RF2, Drake2014, Claimsadj, Hooked on Quackers, RookieTrainer and Roseberry.

    HRCH Spann's Quacker Jack "Jack" 500 Pt. Club (New & IMPROVED jacket).

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    Congrats! Well deserved!

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