What do you carry in your upland vest?
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Thread: What do you carry in your upland vest?

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    Default What do you carry in your upland vest?

    Just curious what others consider essential in their upland vest and why. I hunt in western Minnesota so I'm seldom more than a 30-45 minute walk to my vehicle and space is wide open so no need for a compass. My vehicle has a 1st aid kit for dogs and humans, a skunk kit and more water.

    Here is my list

    #5 Lead
    1 liter water bottle with squirter top
    dog treats
    plastic bag with baby wipes
    black electrician tape
    2' slip lead
    small hemostat
    Headband type ear warmer that goes over a ball cap (switch out to face mask as weather cools)
    Cell phone (either off or on vibrate)

    My transmitter and whistle are on lanyards and I generally carry a swiss army knife too.

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    I usually leave the med packs in the truck. I might carry a lunchable though.
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    A small squirt bottle of saline eye wash that you get in the eye care aisle of your local drug store. Great to flush your dogs eyes out when they get a bunch of crap in them. You can flush cuts and scrapes too. A small bottle can get you through until you get back to your truck or home. Danny

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    2 nalgene water bottles w/ collapsable bowl, Leatherman tool, license & ID, shells, slip lead, TP/Kleenex, 10 ml saline solution tubes, stocking cap, too many shells, phone and usually a two-way radio and e-collar transmitter - BIRDS, LOTS OF BIRDS! Happy hunting.
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    Once I was pheasant hunting with Mick and he got hung up in some barbed wire. He was bleeding profusely, it was both just pouring off of his front leg, and filling the space under his skin. So his leg was blowing up like a balloon. I was terrified that he was going to bleed to death before I could get him back to the truck, we were probably over a half mile out. I had my dad with me who after he was a firefighter became an emergency room nurse. He took my belt which was the elastic type and made a tourniquet and took care of the dog while I ran for my truck. The story ended well, we got Mick in the truck and to the vet & got him stitched up. That night my dad shows up with a roll of 3M Coban Self Adherent Wrap, pictured below. Now I NEVER go hunting without it, and I keep a nice first aid kit in my truck now, all year round for both hunting and training... That wrap works great if you need to wrap and put pressure on a wound to stop or slow bleeding. Just be careful not to over tighten it...

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    On the best days, some spent rounds and some dead birds.


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    Suddenly I feel very underprepared. Usually I just carry the transmitter, whistle and shells, and on good days, a couple roosters, and my chew....at least one full can, might be a bad day without it. I mostly upland hunt in Kansas, usually a short walk to the truck if I need something. I keep first aid kit, lots of water, and food in the truck.

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    Agree with the items listed above .... But then throw in a couple of mini-Halloween candy bars (since they are usually around at our upland hunt time) for a quick "pick me up" should it be a longer walk back to the truck then originally thought.

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    Wow I feel like a slacker. I usually leave the truck with 10-15 shells in my pockets and maybe a pair of sunglasses. I wear my whistle on a lanyard around my neck, but that's it. I have first aid stuff back at the truck. I don't usually carry water in the field as there is always water in the form of ponds and creeks to cool the dogs out there. We typically drive to a field and spend two hours tops hunting that area, then back to the truck to try another area.

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    I used to love wearing a vest at the skeet range and also pheasant/quail hunting, but after awhile started feeling more like a pack mule, so now I opt for a blaze orange shirt with button up pockets and all I carry in those are a set of glass wipes and maybe a back up set of ear plugs...I usually wear a shotshell bag and cargo style pants with extra pockets, if its pheasants I will carry a game/duck strap
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