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Thread: What do you carry in your upland vest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by swampcollielover View Post
    All..this was a great post, I have made a really good check list, as I am getting up in years and without check lists I forget things....heck even my gun??!! Getting old is not what it is cracked up to be....

    My dad reminds me from time-to-time that getting old isn't for wimps. And I'm getting to the age where I'm beginning to understand exactly what he means...
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    Baseball batting gloves ( shooting), a warm pair of gloves, candy bars, orange hat (to swap out with the one i'm wearing if warm/or cold), a neck "gater" to block the wind, chap stick, 2 bottles of water, bird carrier, 1.5 box of NItro Mag 3" 4's, Copenhagen, usually a few limits of birds (since my dog picks up all for the group), neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment for dogs in case of cuts, sunglasses, yellow shooting glasses, dog leash, phone, Flip video, whistle, shock collar transmitter

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    I have my swiss knife and small wire clippers in case the pup gets in bard wire or a snare etc. If I'm in my california mountains ill have a lighter, powerbar, bear spray and maybe a few slugs in case of some big furry trouble.

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    Along with shells:

    2 water bottles,vet wrap,phone,leatherman & pocket knife 9( in pants), chocolate bars,granola bars, energy sticks for the dogs, clip on compass, cheap choke wrench, small 1st aid kit in a fabric pouch with gauze pads, band aids, extra gloves if it is wet, and a couple of loads of buck shot for yotes, raccoons and skunks.
    Might have a few mre thing along depending on the weather. We can end up a mile or more from the trucks and it pays to carry a bit extra in case of emergency.
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    How many shells does everyone carry for a limit of 3 or 4 pheasants...
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    Shells, a quart canteen and a collapsible cordura nylon bowl. I carry a Leatherman Tool and a pair of diagonal cutters. I find the "dikes" are best for pulling cactus from the dog and me. I hunt in Baja California so we may be shooting pheasant, quail and dove on the same hunt. I keep the 7 1/2's on one side of the vest and the 6's on the other.

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    After the Ammo, collar and leash, e-collar and some water, Something to use as Toilet paper, I prefer paper towels.

    Thats it, unless I am planing a "walkabout", then,depending on where when and how far, a couple of candy bars, small colapsable container some iodine tablets, a compass, waterproof matches, some twine, and a small multi pourpose cutting digging tool may be added to the list...

    Did I say toilet paper
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    Shells , water for dog, first aid pack and cell phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    How many shells does everyone carry for a limit of 3 or 4 pheasants...
    We are allowed 2 pheasants here in Ohio, I carry a full vest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by H2O_Control_guy View Post
    Just curious what others consider essential in their upland vest and why. I hunt in western Minnesota so I'm seldom more than a 30-45 minute walk to my vehicle and space is wide open so no need for a compass. My vehicle has a 1st aid kit for dogs and humans, a skunk kit and more water.

    Here is my list

    #5 Lead
    1 liter water bottle with squirter top
    dog treats
    plastic bag with baby wipes
    black electrician tape
    2' slip lead
    small hemostat
    Headband type ear warmer that goes over a ball cap (switch out to face mask as weather cools)
    Cell phone (either off or on vibrate)

    My transmitter and whistle are on lanyards and I generally carry a swiss army knife too.

    John Buesgens
    I' surprised so far nobody has listed a pocket compass...I've been in pea soup fog too many times bird hunting, not to have a pocket compass on my list...

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