RIP: FC AFC World Famous Tellipath (1999-2013)
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Thread: RIP: FC AFC World Famous Tellipath (1999-2013)

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    Default RIP: FC AFC World Famous Tellipath (1999-2013)

    A great bitch passed on Oct 19, 2013 at the age of 14-1/2 years. Her passing cannot slide by without notice. Many on the West Coast have fond memories of Telli.

    Don and I remember Telli back to her Derby years. We were fortunate to watch her then and see her grow up to run in all age stakes. She was always a strong competitor. In her day, she did more than her share of winning and placing against many of the top dogs. It has been said that she had a work ethic. She certainly did and when she stood by your side, you knew you had a team player who would give you her all. Talent? There is no doubt about it. Telli had talent and she had smarts. She earned her retirement years.

    We got to see Telli this year around her 14th birthday and are thankful that we did. Telli passed away in her sleep. Farewell to a great bitch. Our thoughts are with Gary and Mary Ahlgren and Ryan Gelardi.

    Don and Helen Graves

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    I remember Telli when Sal was first bringing her up. I was running the Seattle/OR/ID trials at the time as well as the Alaska trials of course since I lived there. She was a super nice dog. Sal was a great guy too. My condolences to all who loved this fine dog.
    Bill Davis

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    Telli left us some fine dogs in FC AFC World Famous Rosa Barks, AFC World Famous SheMale Emasculator (Nora) and World Famous Condoleeza Bites

    I imagine that Sal has another dog to join him in heaven along with Jake

    Telli was one of the great ones
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    If you get one great dog like that, in your life, you are indeed fortunate.
    Rest in peace, Telli. Job well done.
    Charlotte Kaiser: " The Problem Lies In The Talent."

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    Sal was the guy who made it a point to go talk to the newbies. He will be glad to see her again.

    Good girl- now go and play

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    Very sorry for the loss.

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    My condolences on the loss of this fine competitor and dog. Have to admire the longevity.... Wish they would all live this long.... Actually longer.

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    Rest In Peace Telli, she was one amazing animal.

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    I can only hope to have a dog like her one day. My condolences to all who knew her. RIP Telli and may all your birds be flyers.
    God bless!- Jamee

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    In 1968 when I first met Sal I realized that I had just met a person who like myself was a little off the wall and was totally committed to his dogs, the well being of the future of Retriever Field Trials and HAVING FUN. As times moved on the names of John Anderson, Barbara Ornbaun, Tom Quinn, Ben Baker, Jay Walker,Buck Miller, Bob Hyatt, Dutch and Barbara Butcher, and many others were recognized and foor the most part these people got down and dirty by training their own dogs, helping each other during their regular daily meetings after work in order to "chase the sun" and get in a few set ups. What this imbued was a commitment to each other and a number of lasting friendships based on respect due to the common sharing of the love for their dog AND their competitive zeal.With the exception of a very few remaining that aspect of our sport has evaporated. Telli changed and contributed greatly to the continuation of my life. Telli has brought unabashed happiness to Paul and Sally-long overdue-for two who have given back so much. Telli and the mental strength that we who have undergone cancer have enjoyed from our dogs is embolic of what these dogs do for us if we remove our egos and realize reality. Tell me how Wayne, Tim, Sam, Tom, Marsha, John, Leta, and many others would be if it had not been for their dogs? In the past 2 years I have gone from 172# to 114#. Severe anemia and malnutrition. Now because of an acquaintance of a fellow FT competitor I was admitted to MD Anderson and FINALLY after four months of begging for help I am back at MDA and on the way back up. 114-118- 123.5#. I can now stand up for 2-3 hours and train DAILY where this summer it was 1/2 hour and I had to hold onto my truck in order not to collapse. It was friends at trials in Ronan who constantly were monitoring me(even to the extent of alerting the ER at the local hospital that they may be bring me in.) This should be evidence that this sport IS NOT about titles, qualifications and FAME- it is about respect and help. I owe my life to these dogs-and I cannot say or care what points my dogs have attained what I do know is that those who offered help-alerting the ER this summer in Ronan that they may be bringing me in-all this makes the sport what it is friendships and loyalty because of a commonly shared neurosis and love for our dogs. Incidentally do you know that Tellli was the only bitch to attain TWO different DoubleHeaders with Two different owners and in the end Mary ran Tellialmost exclusively in order to try for THREE different owners. Thank you Telli, Gary, Mary and Ryan. Soon I will break out World Famous Mr. Friendly(Lee) named after Lee Jolley and Ms. Rex V. Carr, Major USA Ret.(Merle) owner and handler Alanson C. Brown, III Pvt E2 ER 12686185 Ret. About where i stood with Rex during my 22 years at CL2. Lee is Telli Merle is Telli. World Famous is Sal and I owe my life to all people and dogs who have been friends over the past 50 years. THANK YOU TELLI.

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