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Thread: New York Mayor DiBlasio

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    Default New York Mayor DiBlasio

    The city in which 41 percent of pregnancies end in abortion has elected a new mayor who is pledging to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to expand their businesses even further by providing them with “city-sponsored” space to set up shop.

    Bill de Blasio, who was elected Tuesday with 73 percent of the vote, also pledged to help abortionists wipe out their main competition – pro-life crisis pregnancy centers – which he refers to as “sham” clinics. These centers offer women financial and logistical assistance to either keep their babies or place them with adoptive families.

    LifeSiteNews reported that de Blasio expressed his view that since crisis pregnancy centers refuse to perform abortions, they do not offer “legitimate health care.” He has promised to continue the city’s appeal of a court order striking down a law aimed at closing down these centers.

    Should the court appeal fail, however, de Blasio states he will “craft new regulations to prevent [crisis pregnancy] centers from masquerading as legitimate health care providers.”

    De Blasio said that, in order to ensure a sufficient number of abortionists to meet the high demand, he will also continue to force doctors who train in city hospitals to perform abortions as a routine part of their training. The mandate is a NARAL-backed program that began under Mayor Michael Bloomberg and which de Blasio referred to as “groundbreaking.”

    To make sure women can pay to have abortions, de Blasio has pledged to use ObamaCare to expand state-funded abortion coverage to more New York City women.

    So much for the govt not funding abortions.

    If NY already has 41% of pregnancies ending in abortion, there can't be many women left who want an abortion who don't get one? In a city of over 8 million people, that has to be a pretty large number of pregnancies and a large number of abortions.
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    NYC complained about nanny Bloomberg. They ain't seen nothing yet.
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    Coming to a wall mart near you. Unspeakable.

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