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Thread: "British Labs". Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget Bodine View Post
    I am pretty sure there should be a sarcasm smiley here..............
    Sarcasm, yes. Or perhaps irony. Just saying what so many others say.

    I do agree with the FTers on both sides of the ocean.
    John Lash

    "If you run Field Trials, you learn to swallow your disappointment quickly."

    "Field trials are not a game for good dogs. They're for great dogs with great training." E. Graham

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    If this sort of discussion is driving away the likes of Dave Combs (owner of one of the best looking fox reds I've ever seen) it's time to lighten up.

    "I trained chocolate labs. They were like black labs, but much more chocolate. At the end of the day, well bred black labradors are vastly superior."
    I trained white and liver labs. They were like black labs, but much more white and liver. At the end of the day, well bred liver and white labradors are vastly superior. See below, liver and white Labrador in training as a no slip retriever.

    Below, liver and white Labrador after picking up on a couple of drives in Scotland. American Labradors cannot achieve this position; their arses won't stay on the ground and their gobs are always open.

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    Thank you, very kind, Mine's a pint.

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    That last liver and white has chocolate legs.
    -Barton Ramsey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    Lol, thats awesome lol

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