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Thread: Length of time when a dog is sent to a pro

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    Default Length of time when a dog is sent to a pro

    How long of a time do the majority of pro trainers take training dogs and what can you expect the dogs to have learned?

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    It depends how far along you want the dog to be. 4 months seems to be average for the average dog. However some dogs after 4 months are not ready for a junior and some dogs after 4 months can breeze through a senior.
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    Depends on what you want. There is no set time frame.
    Good hunting dog probably four months. If you want basics shown on Mike Lardys free down loadable flow chart 4-6 months.
    There are lots of pro trainer websites that outline their programs with time frames and goals. Look at a few of the ones close to you. Where ever that is.
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    It takes what it takes. I like to have em for atleast 6 months. In 6 months I expect a dog to be running cold blinds both land and water...albeit they may not be overly difficult. Much more than that and I start wondering about the quality of the dog. But, it takes what it takes and I dont like washing dogs till we're running blinds.
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    Had my new pup with a pro for 3 months, she came right along up until he started forcing her to piles, she did ok, but her work ethic would be a bit short at times....after a time our trainer decided she was a bit immature and after we spoke he suggested having me taking her home for a few weeks and then do another 10-12 weeks after she has matured a bit more. Goal here was to save me money and help the dog along at a pace that suited her. My bad, as I probably started her earlier than I should have, I noticed this tendency when I was doing her initial obedience training with her. So the way I would answer this question, as this is the 5th dog I have had trained by a it depends on the dog. Most of my dogs were ready for Junior Hunt tests after two month, getting them to the Senior Hunt Test level would be more likely 4-6 months, depending on the dog.....

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    Hope I can find some answers in this thread. I've had one in training for 6 years, another on and off for 4 or 5, and another for just a year. And there are days when you might swear that one or the other hasn't had a day of training in its life...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    Hope I can find some answers in this thread. I've had one in training for 6 years, another on and off for 4 or 5, and another for just a year. And there are days when you might swear that one or the other hasn't had a day of training in its life...
    I can relate to that except my pro says the dog has hope. Me, welllllll not so much.
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    Better to send them for too long than not enough.

    Six months, if enough is better than 4 months and bringing the dog home to save two months training bills. Instead of saving two months you may have wasted 4 months...
    John Lash

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    Obviously I'm doing something wrong if there are dogs out there that can breeze through Senior tests with only 4 months of training. I would suspect that a dog that is running at that level after 4 months has some pretty big holes in their basics. One man's opinion.
    Matt McKenzie

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    What did your pro say? I am assuming you are in direct contact with he or she....If there are doubts....Speak up now and not later with your pro.

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