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Thread: Off Topic - Business Logo Help

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    Default Off Topic - Business Logo Help

    Hey guys

    I know this is off topic for this forum but I would appreciate your opinions. I am designing a logo for my CPA business that is going to have a niche in agriculture accounting. Click on the link below and let me know of the designs selected, which one is your favorite. I have it narrowed down but would like some additional input.

    99 Designs Contest

    On a side note, took my 9mo old YLM waterfowl hunting a few times the past couple weeks and he was a retrieving machine! One morning we had a 3 man shoot with 32 birds (field hunting) and he retrieved them all! Couldn't be happier. I will need to work on steadiness and staying in the blind until released for next year, but wasn't too worried about that for his first season. Primarily concerned with just getting him on birds this year.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their hunting season!

    Regards -- Justin

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    I most like 82 and least like 27
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    Thanks for looking at them.

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    I like 198.
    Erin Lynes
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    I like 198 the best however I would prefer more choices.

    Lonnie Spann
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    I like 198 as well.

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    what is that design element (graphic) and what feeling is it trying to convey? what's your unique selling proposition as a CPA?

    this particular thing requires a lot of thought because if you're a solid marketer building a brand, your logo is never going to change throughout the life of your company.

    so think it through. who are you Justin? why would I do business with you vs. the other 10 million cpa's out there? how do you want your customers to feel when they see your logo?

    I want my customers to feel that I am solid and competent to deal with a large, high energy dog. A lot of my background in training is military. I want a strong, assertive presentation, as opposed to a warm and fuzzy feel (that you see with a lot of trainers).

    My logo is:

    On Command Logo.jpg
    We run it on dark surfaces with a simple, white outline and it still looks almost exactly the same.

    The dog looks a little doberman like, for a reason.

    The font is straightforward and bold, for a reason.

    It conveys the image I want my customers and potential customers to have of me and my business.

    Yours should do the same. Remember, you're going to live with it a very long time.

    I don't like any of these because they really don't invoke any particular image of you. I also don't like what has to happen to put them on dark backgrounds. If the color scheme is changing completely, you're losing consistency.

    sorry to be Debbie downer and overwhelm you with information. too many years working for brands like Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Barbie, I guess.
    Darrin Greene

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    A Farmall Super C parked in front of The Maybury Bank would be my logo if I were you.

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