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Thread: Best flooring for home with dog(s)...

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    We put down tile everywhere (except in the kitchen, which was already hardwood.) Best decision we ever made. Easy to sweep, and impervious to spills and the accidents that go with a new puppy. We were careful about picking a tile that wasn't too slippery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illini Coot Killr View Post
    Here is what we have. Nearly indestructible.
    Where in Illinois did you get this from since it's a Florida company? It looks perfect!
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    Purchased the tile at Buck's Decorating in Godfrey, IL. Had it installed on the entire first floor. It really does look like hardwood and has some texture to it so it's not slippery. I'm sure some carpet/tile store your way carries it or could order it for you.

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    I installed Home Depot's Allure Ultra sawcut dakota resilient vinyl planks about 8 months ago in my entire house. It is very easy to install and seems to be very durable so far. I have two large dogs who stay in the house and they have not left a mark yet. It is completely waterproof -don't ask me how I know this is true... The fake wood vinyl is embossed with ridges which I find make it less slippery for the dogs.
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    Thanks all for your comments. I know how I'm going to spend today ... Checking out flooring and prices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Illini Coot Killr View Post
    Here is what we have. Nearly indestructible.
    Nice, but expensive????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Shaver View Post
    Nice, but expensive????
    Miles Distributors published their suggested retail price list as $8.43 sq. ft.

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    We have laminated hardwood in this house, we had tile in our other house, the wood is much easier and it's not as cold as tile, important if you live where there's cool/cold winter temps, unless you can afford in-floor heating. Got tired of the stained/traffic stained grout, also if you're on your feet a lot in the kitchen, it's hard on the back/legs after awhile. Our living room and bedrooms are carpet.

    I personally wouldn't put a wire crate, or plastic crate for that matter, directly on any kind of flooring. I always use an area rug underneath, I can hose it off or throw it out if it's torn. For those of you with the chewers and with no choice but to put it on your carpet, I'd get a piece of plywood, melamine or something similar underneath cut with a 3-4" border to set it on, you could paint it or look at the hardware store for something w/ a decent looking finish. You can zip tie it down in the center if you have to.
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    Tile and laminate here.

    In the meantime, how about getting a different crate? Heavy plastic (not the cheapo Remintons) Maybe a ruff-tuff? Something that has a good, solid floor? Or set the wire crate on a piece of plywood that's larger all the way around than the crate?
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    I just put new flooring all throughout the main level of my house. I had carpet and laminate prior to that. The laminate was not good for the older dogs, too slippery, although it looked very nice.

    After considering about every flooring option under the sun, I put gauged black slate in a large format versailles pattern throughout, with the exception of the library/study where I had hardwood (hickory) planks installed.

    The slate has a natural finish (ie not honed) so it's not slick, and has a little bit of traction too. But it's not so 'natural' that it's 'trippy'. The dark charcoal color of the slate complements the black labrador fur tumbleweeds very

    (Florida Tile is a large tile company, you should be able to find it just about anywhere. There are a lot of tile companies that now have the 'wood plank' look in ceramic/porcelain tile. Some of it looks very cool. A good tile/flooring store should have a number of options in this style, it's very 'in' right now.)

    Happy shopping. If there is The Tile Shop ( in your area, check that out. They have a wide variety of stone, ceramic and porcelain products on display, it will give you an idea of what's available. They also have decent sales quite frequently.

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