How old is your e-collar
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Thread: How old is your e-collar

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    Default How old is your e-collar

    Don't want to start a TT vs Dogtra vs anything else thread, there's enough of those. I was curious how old your e-collar is? I was pheasant hunting yesterday and started thinking that my current collar is going to be going on its fourth dog soon and still on original batteries. I have a TT Classic 70sxl 2 dog. Both collars and the transmitter have been through alot since 2002 when I got them. I keep meaning to send them to Collar Clinic to have them gone through but it just seems like between training, hunting for waterfowl and upland and guiding some it just hasn't gotten done. Its been a dang good piece of equipment. A training partner keeps telling me to buck up and get a new model as they are smaller, better, blah, blah blah. I don't think I will. I'll keep my trusty friend.
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    Still have an old TT Pro100 that gets used occassionally around here that was purchased in 1999

    I do like my smaller G3 EXP though!

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    I have three. I bought my Judge back in 1992, haven't used it since 1995 when I bought my LR 200. I sent it back for new batteries around 2002, but don't use it anymore either. I use my Pro 500 daily. I bought it in 1999 and replaced the batteries myself a few years ago. I love it, it seems indestructable, and functions perfectly.

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    Senior Member Rnd's Avatar
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    Still using my TT 100A circa 1991. Sent to collar clinic once for batteries (2002) About due for batteries again......Will probably upgrade this spring....

    Training partners bust my chops about having a "cereal box" strapped to my dog.

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    I have a judge that is at least 25 years old and still works. I wouldn't put it on a dog but it works. Pretty brutal collar, but it was the standard at the time. Better than a sling shot or BB gun.
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    One of mine is 8yo and the new one just under a year. Both are Dogtra.
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    My Dogtra 1800's are 10 yrs old and working fine. But I don't know what I'll get when they do die.

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    Which piece? I have three receivers and one transmitter that have all been replaced at least once. I guess the oldest piece now would be the receiver I bought in 2009? How is it that these newer things don't seem to hold up? My husband has a hand held HAM radio that he bought 22 years ago and it works like new even though it has had a HARD life!
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    Senior Member Julie R.'s Avatar
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    I have 3 Dogtra collars, a NCP2000 that is 11 years old, a 1200 that is about 8 yrs. old, and a newer one that I bought used 2 yrs ago, a 3500 2-dog. The oldest one is a warhorse, I only have to charge it 2 or 3x a year. I use the 2 older ones almost daily, at least 4 or 5x a week. The one that has given me the most trouble is the newest one; it also has to be charged almost weekly, it seems. Funny you brought this up, today when I went to use the newest one as it's a 2-dog, it had a dead battery so I went straight to "old faithful"!
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    dogtra that i think is 8 years probs

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