New Guideline for Calcium in Large Breed Puppies
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Thread: New Guideline for Calcium in Large Breed Puppies

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    Default New Guideline for Calcium in Large Breed Puppies You wouldn't know this by following advice on the internet or seeing the plethora of Large Breed Puppy foods out there, but it appears that the craze to starve dogs of calcium based on really weak science and anecdote is ending. Based on the NRC recommendations, AAFCO's new guidelines, which use large breed puppies as the baseline, have adopted a new range for what is acceptable. Apparently the minimum is being raised from 1% to 1.20% (DM) based on studies showing that less could inhibit proper growth and that the maximum is being lowered from 2.50% (DM) to 1.80%(DM) based on studies that above 2% there is risk. The limit of 1.80% (DM) is quite a bit higher than what the marketing of some LBP foods suggest. The NRC concluded that optimal growth is achieved from 1.30% (DM) to 1.80% (DM) in large breed puppies. There is no explanation as to why AAFCO went with 1.20%. There will be one standard for puppy and ALS foods using the needs of large breed puppies as the guide. There was talk of having two standards depending on the puppy size but they opted to go with the lower for all puppies. In any event, this is the first time actual science has weighed in on this issue and it is quite different from what people have been led to believe. In the prior guidelines, large breed puppies were never considered, which opened the floodgates for the marketing people.
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    Interesting, I always wondered why low calcium ( under 1%) was such a big deal with lb pups.
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    I will stick w/ Euk LBP for mine! They grow great, I've had no ortho failings (knock hard on wood), etc..
    I once tried my ALS food (Canidae) on a litter and got horribly uneven growth (knuckling over, etc) which straightened right out as soon as I changed to a lower Ca++ food.
    It's also interesting (and a bit scary) to note that the formulas often only list Ca++ as a minimum. I found out recently that Canidae's min of 1.2% was actually closer to 1.8% as fed.

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