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Thread: Stickmen suggestions

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    Which ones does Evan Graham use?
    Ken Arbogast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Garris View Post
    Anybody have Mr. Magee's contact info? Thanks!
    Google lou Magee products
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul "Happy" Gilmore View Post
    I made two stickmen out of aluminum stock from Home Depot in about an hour or so. I have enought white liner material to make about 300 stickmen. It's old roofing stock that had a 20 year warranty.
    What ever happened to the plans for the "Stixie Chicks"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    Three step-in black electric fence posts.
    Three coat hangers.
    Three white t-shirts.
    Visable Gunner blinds as needed.
    X2 on this, except I got white fence posts. Add a roll of orange duct tape and they can double as blind poles. If you tape one side you have a blind pole on one side and and white pole on the other. I think Tractor Supply sells them for around $4.

    You could also possibly find a tarp with grommets at TSC for about $10 that can be paired with a couple of those fence posts for a $15 holding blind. I can be rough on stuff too, but I have used two of those blinds now for over a year.

    Yes I am very frugal.
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    Steve Wyatt

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    I made mine from a white tyvac painters coverall. Used PVC with a T to make a cross for the top, and have a cross at the bottom with a + connector.

    So my frame looks like a capital I. The top has a T connector, the bottom has a + connector. I zip tied the coverall shoulders to the top crosspiece and the legs to the bottom.

    I can then hammer an iron stake into the ground and slide the + connector over the stake.

    I glued the cross connections, but the upright is not glued. Also glued caps on the ends of the cross pieces except for one.

    I can take out the long piece (the upright) and then roll everything up on the crosspieces and then put the stake in one of the crosspiece tubes (the one with the unglued cap). Then velcro strap it if I want to keep it from unrolling in the truck et.

    End up with a nice 5 foot stickman that doesn't completely get blown away in the wind, that you can hide behind if you want.

    Cost about $25 each plus about an hour to make 5 of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Plesko View Post
    What ever happened to the plans for the "Stixie Chicks"?
    Still taking interviews on the models... Should have something soon. lol

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    I have butch green and really like......

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    Gunners Up stickmen are very nice. They also support this web site!

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    Here's a seven year old photo of my working group of stickmen using hooded, white painter suits on spliced (for height) electric fence posts. They are always on time, don't complain and require no pay. A few "suits" have been "refreshed".

    "Kwick" stickmen
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    Jim Boyer

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