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Thread: Tell me about your first, favorite or other gun story...

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    First has the most meaning for me. 11 years old and got a Westernfield 22 autoloader from my Father for Xmas.( Dad worked for Wards so there ya go) Day after Xmas, colder than a witches tit, we went out and shot cans. One f the best memories I have.

    Neighbor asked me to go duck hunting with he and his Dad, so at 15, my Dad gave me a Westernfield 12ga semi-auto,modified, plain barrel. Shot that gun, with the exception of skeet, until I was given a Browning White Lightning by my best friend for our anniversary many years ago. He also gave me a 20ga O/U made in Germany by Heyem that was my go to grouse gun.

    2 other very special guns were my Grandfather's, Dad's Dad. Never met him, he died when my Father was 12. First is an old Iver Johnson 410 single shot used to dispatch many a Prarie Chicken in fields near Wichita. ( I have a photo some where of he and a buddy with chickens draped over his car. And the 2nd is a Savage 1903 22 pump.

    I am luckey to own several fine firearms. The ones given to me carry the most meaning and value.
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    Ithaca -410 single shot, age 11. Use it today as a primer training gun. Had to hit the lofty goal of a C average to get it.

    Bought the wife a Lady Smith .38 25 years ago. After realizing she'd never shoot it/use it - I gifted our nephew as he graduated LEO school as an ankle gun.

    Years later after him joining the SWAT team I asked what he now used as a back-up gun. He said - "The Lady Smith". I asked why he hadn't upgraded to something cooler and he responded - "If I lose my duty gun, I, in fact, deserve the Lady Smith.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labsforme View Post
    John, Is that Boswell mud on the gun? Area looks familiar.

    No that pic was taken the day after Christmas 1965 at Wister Waterfowl Refuge on the edge of the Salton Sea in way southern California. Going full circle, is just a mile or so away from the Niland grounds a lot of people train at and where I judged a trial last winter.

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    I received my first gun at age 12, a Stevens 20ga single shot.

    At age 14, Santa brought me a 12 ga 870. I was probably hunting at Wister with it when John was there. I later purchased a 26" ribbed barrel and a 30" barrel that was designed for steel. It was a very versatile gun that brought down thousands of birds over the years of hunting, mostly in Baja California.

    I used to take it school when I was old enough to drive and go hunting a few miles away. The hunting was legal, but it would probably be a felony to take a shotgun to school today.

    The newer Wingmaster 870s are not as well built as the early editions.
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    John, I know Wister well. I hunted with Max the concessionaire and some game wardens there one time back in the 70s.Belonged to Western Outdoors that had some property near the old Pintail Club. I also have a dog with Patti and have been down there training.

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    I bought my first shotgun, a 1974 870 Wingmaster 20 ga., just a few years ago. Put my first MH on a dog, decided to try out HRC stuff and wanted to get really comfortable handling a shotgun. When I told my brother, he told me he’d never felt prouder of me, he was gonna have to set the phone down so he could wipe away a tear….

    Took a hunter safety class, tried out trap and sporting clays. Got invited to a local club to try 5-Stand. They were doing a special holiday thing where they were shooting a “Reindeer,” a white target that could get you a free drink. My hands got cold, I went into the clubhouse to warm up, and an older fellow with a thick Wisconsin accent says “so you’re shootin’ a pumpkin.” I’m a self-conscious newbie, but I tried to explain that no, not a pumpkin, a “reindeer.” “No, you’re shootin’ a pumpkin.” Again, I tried, “They’re calling the white targets ‘reindeer.’” He says, “No, your gun. It’s a pumpkin.” Yes, Pump Gun. That guy still says hello to me, and notices that I’ve acquired an O/U.


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    My first shotgun i bought at a coast to coast hardware store. It was a Winchester 1200 and the cost was $70. I had to put it on consignment and made payments. One day my grandpa and dad were driving by and said lets stop and I will put some money down and show you. My dad wasn't into guns but grandpa was. It was with all the other guns behind the counter and the clerk showed them.

    My grandpa said, what if somebody asks to look at it and drops it and I was paying on it. So my dad said he would buy it for me, and I could pay him back. So i walked out of there with the gun all happy. Grandpa bought me some shotgun shells and I was so excited. My grandpa whispers to me that worked good, now maybe your dad will forget about it and you won't have to pay him back. Get out tonight and shoot that gun.

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    Browning A-5 family...16 ga. Belgium was first shotgun. I have a 12ga A5 made in St Louis too. Today I enjoy my Benelli SBEII.
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    My first shotgun was a Mossberg 500. I was only 17 and my mother had to buy it for me. Still have it, but dont shoot it that often anymore. My favorite shotgun is my Beretta 682 Super Sport. Im looking to get a Benelli SBEII

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    My first gun is a Remington 700 BDL in .270. My uncle put a customer stock on it when I was 23. Shot my 54 blacktail with it this year.

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