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So both the specialist and Snapper's regular vet believe that she has a small CCL tear-caused by hyperextending her hind legs while dock jumping.

I have been looking into conservative management, as we are unsure about her prospects for surgery. I asked the specialist about a brace, and he was unenthusiastic. But then I found this AKC Canine Health Foundation study about CCL stabilization. Stabilizing the Stabilizer

It mentions Platelet-rich Plasma therapy. I started searching (we all know how dangerous that can be). I found quite a bit about the use on humans, and a smaller amount about use in dogs. But what I did find sounds promising. But I only found 2 actual owners who said they had tried it. Both reported success up to 2 years after treatment. The dogs are not back to competition, but are walking, swimming, and playing with no signs of lameness. I ran it by my vet, who was unaware of the procedure, but he is researching it, as they don't always know the newest techniques. We have an appointment with a Rehab-vet next week who is recommending PRP treatments in conjunction with a brace. Will let you all know what is said, but would appreciate knowing if anyone knows someone who has used this approach with their dog.